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Telesis Network Co., Ltd. Hot topic on TV! Noriko Ogushi is holding a “fortune-telling campaign with a gift” on the official website “Shibi Tosu and Palmistry”

Telesis Network Co., Ltd.
Topic on TV! Noriko Okushi is holding a “Fortune telling campaign with gifts” on the official website “Shibitoshu to Palmistry” ……
Telesys Network Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo,
Representative Director: Keimitsu Takaishi will launch the monthly official smartphone site “Okushi Noriko” from Saturday, September 9, 2023. We are currently holding a “Fortune telling campaign with gifts” at “Shiweitoshu and Palmistry”. “Ogushi Noriko Murasaki Toka and Palmistry” URL:
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■Introducing the contents of the appraisal “Noriko Okushi Murasaki is a smartphone-only monthly fortune-telling site that specializes in Shibitosu and palm reading, supervised by Noriko Okushi, an appraiser who is currently attracting a lot of attention due to her appearance on a popular fortune-telling variety show. “Mitosu and palmistry”. In the “Fortune telling campaign with gifts” currently being held, all those who have their fortune told on the popular target menu on the site will receive a gift appraisal for a limited time only during the campaign period. Don’t miss this opportunity. *In order to enjoy the “Fortune-telling campaign with gifts”, you need to register for “Okushi Noriko Shiweitozu and Palmistry”. ■Supervisor introduction: At the end of Noriko Okushi’s 2011 trip, she was scouted by a
fortune-telling hall and decided to become a fortune-teller. Utilizing his life experience and palm reading know-how, he debuted as a fortune teller in September of the same year. In 2014, my third year as a fortune teller, I opened NOI CAFE, a cafe-like fortune telling salon in Shinjuku. In January 2020, we moved our base to Chichibu City, Saitama Prefecture, and are actively engaged in face-to-face appraisals across the country, including Tokyo, Osaka, Sendai, and Okinawa. The popular fortune-telling program “Suddenly, can I tell you my fortune?” ” Also active as a new regular. He has also appeared in numerous media outlets. ■Service overview・Content name: Noriko Ogushi, Shibitozu and palmistry ・Sales fee: 330 yen per month (tax included) *Some portions of the site have pay-as-you-go menus ・Provided URL:
■Introducing the fortune-telling content portal site “Uranaeru”
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In July 2020, we started providing media for women with the theme of “fortune telling x love”, “Uranaeru – Fateful Love Fortune Telling”. We update daily with columns and articles aimed at women who are looking for a happy love life and way of life in their own way, as well as fortune-telling created under the supervision of popular fortune-tellers with a proven track record who have appeared in various media such as TV and magazines.・“Uranaeru Official Website” URL:・“Uranaeru Authentic Appraisal” URL:
■Introducing women’s deep love columns and free fortune-telling media “ENJYO”
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“ENJYO” is a love column and free fortune telling distribution media for women who are passionately in love and live a vibrant life. From deep love and nightlife for women…we have a variety of interesting love columns with a variety of themes, and free fortune tellings updated daily by popular fortune tellers who are active in various media such as TV, books, and magazines!・“ENJYO” URL: ■Introducing Telephone Fortune Telling “Mel” Love/Spirituality Column & Free Fortune Telling Site
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This site is a telephone fortune-telling site that leads to answers to complex and diverse worries that consulters have, such as love, reunion, and painful love. This site offers free clairvoyance and spiritual fortune-telling by popular telephone fortune-tellers, as well as many romance columns for women.・ Telephone divination Mel TOP URL: ・ Telephone divination Mel – love column & free fortune URL: ■ Company overview
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Telesis Network Co., Ltd.: Telesis Network is a company that provides fortune-telling products and services. Through the Internet, we also provide fortune-telling content using full-scale fortune-telling, and fortune-telling appraisal services by telephone and chat with real fortune-tellers. Our mission is to “sow seeds of happiness in your heart” through fortune-telling and spiritual content that bring “impression, surprise, tears, healing, laughter, and enlightenment”. The world of IT is changing every day. Telesis Network will continue to evolve and provide content through various channels.

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