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The 12 members of the baseball cast are finally revealed! The final episode of the close-up audition held for about half a year for “Gekokujo Selection Complete Edition – A hot qualifying competition for drama appearances” will be available exclusive

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The 12 members of the baseball cast are finally revealed! The final episode of the close-up audition held for about half a year for “Gekokujo Selection Complete Edition – A hot qualifying competition for drama appearances” will be available exclusively on U-NEXT! ……
“U-NEXT”, a video distribution service operated by U-NEXT Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, President: Tenshin Tsutsumi) of USEN-NEXT GROUP, will be available from 12:00 on Sunday, September 17, 2023. We will be exclusively distributing #4 to #6 of the spin-off project “Gekokujo Selection Complete Edition” – A hot qualifying tournament for drama appearances – from the Sunday theater “Gekokujo Kyuji”.
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The Sunday theater “Gekokokujyo Kyuji” will start in October and will feature a diverse cast including Suzuki, who will be starring in the Sunday theater for the second time, Haru Kuroki, Haruka Igawa, Katsuhisa Namase, Ken Matsudaira, Kotaro Koizumi, and Fumiyo Kohinata. This work is a dream human entertainment that depicts the problems faced by education, communities, families, and various kinds of love in modern society through the baseball team of an elementary school.
The cast of the weak baseball team, who hold the key to the story, has finally been revealed, which was never revealed in the teaser video. Twelve young actors with various talents from a variety of genres were selected after approximately six months of acting and baseball practice auditions.
■The six first-year cast members who will be joining Koshiyama High School’s weak baseball team include those from prestigious high school baseball teams and young actors who are currently attracting attention and are appearing in various dramas!
Currently airing, Fumiyo Kohinata plays Sho Inuzuka, the grandson of Mikio Inuzuka, a large local landowner, and a talented pitcher who was the former ace of a prestigious club team. Motoki Nakazawa is appearing in the drama stream “Saitama no Host”. Koumi Hyodo plays Chihiro Nemuro, the timid younger brother of Yuzuki Nemuro, played by Mizuki Yamashita. Hyodo, who graduated from a baseball powerhouse high school in Fukuoka Prefecture and had a strong presence from the time of his audition, served as Zexy’s commercial boy and appeared in the drama series for the second time in a row following “CODE – The Price of Wishes”.
Asahi Ito plays Marin Tsubakiya, a beginner in baseball who was a member of the shogi club in junior high school. This is his first appearance in a TBS drama series in about a year since the drama stream “Murai no Koi”.
Toranosuke Kobayashi, making his first appearance in a TBS drama, will play Soma Hioki, whose older brother is the captain of the baseball team. Although he has great baseball skills, the relationship between Soma and his older brother Makoto is also interesting. In addition, Atsushi Kugahara, who was so fast that he held a record in the track and field club during his junior high school days, will be played in the role of Atsushi Kugahara, who played the role of Atsushi Kugahara, who was so fast that he held a track record in the track and field club during his junior high school days. Yuki Tachibana will be appearing regularly in the drama series for two seasons in a row. He is from IMG, which manages top athletes who are active around the world, and was one of the people who surprised the judges at the audition with his high physical ability. Shunpei Ikuta, who graduated from the same junior high school as Kugahara and is a talented baseball player but plays at his own pace, is played by Shunpei Ikuta, who graduated from Aomori Yamada High School, a prestigious high school baseball team, and has played in Koshien.
■The 3rd year cast will include 3 people who are actors, models, and active on SNS and will be appearing in a TBS drama for the first time! The actor who plays Makoto Hioki, a third-year student and captain of the baseball team, began his career as an actor in June of last year, and has been gaining success step by step, including starring in dramas and commercials. Shinju Sugao. Even after none of the club members come to club activities, he continues to practice silently by himself, believing that he will be able to play baseball again after the first year. The actor who plays Kanta Hasegawa, who stopped going to practice with Hioki sideways and became a ghost member, is the grandson of the famous actor Ichiro Zaitsu, and is active in dramas, plays, commercials, etc. Yutaro Zaitsu. Similarly, Taiga Fujimoto, who has become a member of the ghost club and has the personality of a goofball, will be played by Atsuya Suzuki, who is a member of the prestigious Sakushin Gakuin baseball team and has gained attention for his videos on TikTok.
■All 2nd Year Members of the Ghost Club The 3 cast members are young actors with unique personalities, including those with special effects backgrounds and those with experience appearing in Sunday theater! Yuya Tomishima, who loves baseball but is easily influenced by those around him and becomes a ghost member himself after seeing other club members stop coming to practice, will be played by high school baseball powerhouse Nippon. He is from Otsurugaoka and has written works such as “From Lageli with Love” and “Shikofunjatta!” Rin Fukumatsu has appeared in many movies and dramas, including “”. When his senior retired, the number of players decreased and he was unable to play, and like Tomishima, he became a ghost member. Shun Nohara, who has a childish personality and is a goofball, is a character that will be broadcast from 2017 to 2018. He will be played by So Okuno, who starred in Kamen Rider Zi-O. This is the first time since “Group Deportation!! Soichi Hese will appear in a Sunday theater for the first time in years.
About half a year has passed until the 12 people are decided, and the spin-off project of the Sunday theater “Gekokokujo Kyuji” “‘Gekokokujo Selection Complete Edition’ – A hot qualifying tournament for drama appearances” will be exclusively distributed from today with unlimited viewing of all episodes. is. Please enjoy their passionate drama before the Sunday theater “Gekokujo Kyuji” is broadcast.
■Work summary
Sunday Theater Gekokujo Kyuji spin-off project
“Gekokujo Selection Complete Edition” ~A hot qualifying tournament for drama appearances~
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[Delivery date and time]
[Performers] MC: So Takei, Sayuri Matsumura
[Viewing page] Sunday Theater “Gekokokujyo Kyuji”
[Original draft] “Kokokujyo Kyuji” (Kanzen/Written by Takahiro Kikuchi) [Broadcast date and time] Starting in October, every Sunday from 21:00 to 21:54 *Distributed on U-NEXT after the broadcast ends
Suzuki, Haru Kuroki, Haruka Igawa, Katsuhisa Namase, Motonori Nakazawa, Koumi Hyodo, Asahi Ito, Toranosuke Kobayashi,
Yuki Tachibana, Shunpei Ikuta, Shinki Sugao, Yutaro Zaitsu, Atsuya Suzuki, Rin Fukumatsu, So Okuno, Soichi Kaze,
Rio Asumi, Mizuki Yamashita, Kyon (Cotton), Ken Matsudaira, Kotaro Koizumi, Fumiyo Kohinata
[Episode 1 synopsis]
March 2016. At Mie Prefectural Koshiyama High School, social studies teacher Shuji Nagumo ( Suzuki), who is well-liked by students and parents, has been approached to become the advisor and manager of the baseball club starting the next school year. However, the important baseball club is full of unmotivated ghost members except for one member. Furthermore, Nagumo stubbornly refuses to become an advisor because he wants to cherish his time at home with his wife Mika (Haruka Igawa) and their two children. Meanwhile, Kanako Yamazumi (Haru Kuroki), a home economics teacher, is transferred to the school. Yamazumi, who is full of motivation and wants to strengthen the baseball team with Nagumo, recruits students who are talented in sports. Sho, who is the grandson of local influential person Kio Inuzuka (Fumiyo Kohinata) and was the ace of a prestigious club team, ends up enrolling at Koshiyama after failing the entrance exam to a powerful school! As Nagumo helps out with the baseball team one after another, his once calm life changes drastically.
(C)TBS Sparkle/TBS
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