The “migratory butterfly” “Asagi Madara” that brings autumn has arrived at Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden !

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The “migratory butterfly” “Asagi Madara” that brings autumn has arrived at Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden!
At the Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden, which is operated by Rokkosan Kanko Co., Ltd. (headquarters: Kobe City, President: Kimihiko Teranishi) on Mt. Rokko, the “Asagi Madara” has appeared.
The Asagi Madara is known to be the only butterfly native to Japan that migrates seasonally. They traveled long distances from Honshu to the Nansei Islands, and marking surveys have shown that they traveled as much as 1,500 km in a straight line. The sight of the Fujibakama flying gracefully in search of nectar is gaining popularity, and many customers enjoy taking photos of it.
[Image:×394.jpg] ■ Asagi Madara (Nymphalidae)
The butterfly is a pretty butterfly with a forewing length of 40 to 60 mm. “Asagi” (Asagi) is the old name for its bluish-green color, which comes from the light blue color of its wings. The larvae feed on the leaves of asclepias such as “Kijoran.” Males also have dark brown sex marks on their hindwings that females do not have, which helps distinguish between males and females. It is a member of the Asteraceae family and often sucks nectar, and can usually be seen until the end of September.
■Fujibakama (Asteraceae)
It is one of the seven herbs of autumn, and has become a seasonal word for autumn as “Fuji Hakama”. It is a plant that has been popular in Japan since ancient times, but after the war, its number decreased due to habitat development, and it is now on the verge of extinction. It used to grow wild on Mt. Rokko, but now it can hardly be seen. At our garden, we display the plants that were propagated from plants collected from Mt. Rokko about 40 years ago and received from the Kobe Pharmaceutical University Medicinal Plant Garden.
◆Business overview
[Opening period] – Thursday, November 23rd (holiday) [Opening hours] 10:00 – 17:00 (Reception ends at 16:30)
[Admission fee] Adults (junior high school students and above) 900 yen / Children (4 years old to elementary school students) 450 yen [Parking lot] 1,000 yen
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