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The Orchard Japan Lyric video for the latest song “No Muse” by AFSHEEN (from LA) and Harunemuri has been r eleased

The Orchard Japan
AFSHEEN (from LA) and Harunemuri’s latest song “No Muse” lyric video released ……
[Video 2:] An artist and producer who is highly acclaimed for his genre-defying music and thought-provoking lyrics.
The lyric video for the latest song “No Muse” by AFSHEEN (from LA) and Harunemuri has been released.
This work, which is brought to life with a powerful visual appeal to the emotions, features Japanese singer-songwriter Harunemuri and has received great support from fans around the world.
“No Muse” was born out of the Women, Life, Freedom movement and coincides with its first anniversary.
It is dedicated to the brave Iranian women who sacrificed their lives in the pursuit of freedom and fundamental human rights. AFSHEEN looked back on the production of the lyric video and shared his thoughts. “When HARU came to my studio in Los Angeles, I decided to shoot a video.This song made my heart fly.
I wanted it to symbolize the feeling of trying to be free but being cornered with nowhere to go. It is a powerful visual video that goes hand in hand with the song, which conveys a profound message and emotion.
AFSHEEN and Harunemuri’s collaboration continues to resonate with audiences around the world, becoming an anthem of empowerment and resilience that resonates with audiences.
Haru Nemuri says. “No Muse” is about the most withered land in the mental landscape in which Spring Sleep exists.
When I first heard AFSHEEN’s abstract track demo, I felt that the sounds there were connected to the place. I decided to write the lyrics and create the melody based on the depiction of that landscape. Check out the lyric video for “No Muse” on YouTube now. We want you to experience the profound storytelling by AFSHEEN and Harunemuri. ――――――――――――
10/7 – Ireland, Dublin – The Workman’s Club
10/9 – England, Manchester – The Peer Hat
10/10 – England, Southampton – Heartbreakers
10/11- England, London – Studio 9294
10/13 – Spain, Barcelona – AMFest Encobert (Sala Salamandra) 10/16 – France, Paris – Les Etoiles
10/17 – Belgium, Brussels – Botanique (Rotonde)
10/19 – Netherlands, Rotterdam – Left of the Dial Fest day1
10/20 – Netherlands, Rotterdam – Left of the Dial Fest day2
10/23 – Germany, Berlin – Badehaus
【release information】
[Image 1:×2500.png ]
AFSHEEN, Harunemuri DIGITAL SG “No Muse”
Released on Friday, August 18, 2023
-recorded music-
01.No Muse

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