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The Orchard Japan The music video for the new single “Chimney” by the rapper “Ole” who also works as a video director/animator and the beat & ambient producer “TOMC” has been released!

The Orchard Japan
The music video for the new single “Chimney” by the rapper “Ole”, who also works as a video director/animator, and the beat & ambient producer “TOMC” has been released!
As the title suggests, this photo was taken at Kirakuyu, a public bathhouse in Kawaguchi, Saitama that has a chimney!
Rapper/video creator “Ole” from Tokyo has released the official music video for “Chimney”, a traditional boom-bap tune Ole&TOMC, in collaboration with “TOMC”, a beat and ambient producer who is gaining support both domestically and internationally!
■Ole&TOMC – Chimney (Official Music Video):
[Video 2:] The idea was developed from the title and lyrics of “Chimney” (translation: chimney), and the jacket artwork of a chimney designed by Ole himself. This photo was taken at Kirakuyu, a public bathhouse in Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture, which actually has a beautiful chimney.
This music video was shot and directed by the up-and-coming video artist “ikko”.
The footage of Ole and TOMC performing and chilling out inside the “Kirakuyu” facility is exactly what makes you want to go to a public bath.
This song “Chimney” has also been picked up on playlists such as Spotify’s “+81 Connect: J-Hip Hop’s “Now” and “Sono”/Spincoaster’s “Monday Spin” and various media.
He has released works on Canada’s Inner Ocean Records/Japan’s Local Visions, etc., and his latest album “True Life” released in 2023 has been highly acclaimed both domestically and internationally, and has been called “2020’s Nujabes’ Modal Soul”. The instrumental version of “Chimney (Instrumental)” by beat and ambient producer “TOMC”, which has been self-mastered differently from the original song and has created a new beat with an extremely thick bass and kick-scratch, is also popularly distributed. During.
Ole is currently working on new works and plans to release more in the future, so please continue to follow his progress.
▼Ole&TOMC “Chimney” Music Video Credit
Performed by Ole&TOMC
Shooting Location: Kirakuyu
Director: ikko
Assistant Director: Shimon
Special Thanks: Ranpei Ueno
Thumbnail Design/PA/A&R:ebisu
▼“Kirakuyu” information
Address: 5-21-6 Kawaguchi, Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture 332-0015 HP:
■Ole&TOMC 8/23 release “Chimney”
[Image 1:×539.png ]
Distribution link: Release date: 2023.08.23Music/Produce: TOMC
■Ole&TOMC 9/6 release “Chimney (Instrumental)”
[Image 2:×300.png ]
Distribution link: Release date: 2023.09.06Music/Produce: TOMC
[Ole Profile]
[Image 3:×1568.jpg] Rapper/video creator born in Tokyo.
Easily entered the scene in 2019 with the single “Doller.” He has released three EPs so far, and in June 2022, he teamed up with -born beat maker “m-al” and released the single “Lost Day.” Also active as a video director/animator “Takeru Shibuya”.
PUNPEE “On the Time Machine” / BIM “NOT BUSY” / Kvi baba “Tombi” / Leon Fanourakis, SANTAWORLDVIEW & Xansei “We are monkeys” / Sakuki × Sweet William “Let me feat. CHICO CARLITO” etc. HIP In addition to working on MVs and corporate projects centered on HOP, he was most recently in charge of the artwork for POP YOURS’ original song “Makuhari.”
He is one of the video creators that is attracting attention. The way he freely expresses himself by crossing over images and music and moving back and forth freely is a true double-edged sword. He is the son of a milkman in town.
Spotify : Apple Music: Instagram :
X(Twitter): [TOMC Profile]
[Image 4:×509.png ]
Beat & ambient producer.
He has released works on labels such as Canada – Inner Ocean Records – and Japan – Local Visions -.
He is known for his jazz hip-hop and ambient works, which are created using unique waveform editing and have a clear concept for each release. In 2020, the EP “Lunar Maria” topped the iTunes domestic new age album chart.
In 2022, the song “Honesty (feat. arcomoon)” reached number 83 on the Apple Music US chart, and the listener base is expanding both domestically and internationally. Their latest album “True Life” released in 2023 is called “2020’s Nujabes “Modal Soul”” and has been selected as the best album of the year by music media such as Small Music.
In recent years, he has been participating in Stone Music, a group improvisational performance collective formed by Tokio Hasegawa (Taj Mahal Travel Group). On the other hand, he has a long career as a house, disco, and R&B DJ, and his activities are not bound by the boundaries of the scene.
Utilizing his extensive knowledge of music, both major and minor, he has contributed to web media such as Cyzo and Mikiki, specialized magazines and record stores such as Kankyo Records and Disk Union, and has appeared in many media such as J-WAVE.
Apple Music: Instagram :

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