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THEATRICAL LIVE “Our Thousand Years and 30 Days Until You Die” Opening

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THEATRICAL LIVE “Our Thousand Years and 30 Days Until You Die” Opening ……
Just before the opening of THEATRICAL LIVE “Our Thousand Years and 30 Days Until You Die”, a general pro was held.
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Naked Ape’s manga, which continues to be serialized in “Monthly Princess” (Akita Shoten) from the July 2021 issue, will be released on September 8, 2023 at Shinagawa Prince Hotel Club eX in Tokyo, and on September 22, 2023 at COOL JAPAN PARK OSAKA in Osaka. The stage that will be performed at TT Hall, and the movie that will be released on October 27, 2023, and the big project “Our Thousand Years and 30 Days Until You Die” that spins one story through three media. The fateful destiny of two men who were saved from death in exchange for the life of a mermaid’s descendant and became immortal is depicted over a thousand years from the Heian period to the present day. Yuta Tatsumi and Bunichi Hamanaka are the two lead actors on stage and in the movie. The stage version tells the story of the Heian period, and begins the men’s thousand-year journey. Tatsumi plays Sosuke, an orphan who doesn’t know his parents and is oppressed as a lowly person. He is shunned by the people as the lowest class of the village, and is kicked and punched for no reason. The one who reaches out to Sosuke is Yaobikuni, a nun disguised as AKANE LIV. One day, Sosuke is rescued by Towa, a girl played by Riko Sugawara, and has a mysterious experience. On the other hand, Mitsukage, who is played by Hamanaka, is the child of the concubine of a lower-ranking aristocrat, and for some reason he is concerned about Sosuke. Meanwhile, an event occurs that decides the fate of Sosuke, Kokage, and Towa. The first thing that surprises you when the curtain rises is the rock rhythm that fills the stage. As the name “THEATRICAL LIVE” suggests, there will be musicians on stage, and the appearance of the performers singing and dancing to the band’s live performance is just like a rock musician’s live. The unexpectedness of the Heian period and rock is also interesting and stirs the imagination. The script and direction for the performance is Katsuhide Suzuki, who is known for his numerous recitation plays and straight-play scripts. Unlike the so-called conversation drama, the dialogue is unique. When the performer gives out long lines, he talks about the scene, the role, and the length of his thoughts like a monologue. Moreover, the cast is only four people, and it is necessary to depict the beginning of a thousand years called the Heian period. It can be said that it is a stage where the ability of the actors is tested.
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Sosuke says that no matter how much people abuse him, he is empty and does not feel pain. Tatsumi plays it carefree and pure. “If you don’t have a relationship with anyone, there is no pain in your heart,” so Tatsumi says, “I want to become a nameless grass,” and declares, “I don’t feel anything!” Mitsukage is disgusted by those who kick Sosuke, and is puzzled by his own feelings. Just when you suddenly showed kindness, you cruelly stick to your own desires. Hamanaka goes back and forth between these two sides, sometimes being cool and sometimes showing his bewilderment. I am fascinated by the delicate power of expression that embodies the conflict and refraction of light and shadow.
All the songs are originals composed by Goro Oshima, who wrote them for this work, and each of the four performers puts the emotions of the characters into the songs. AKANE LIV’s singing voice is very powerful and strong, and Sugawara, who sings his feelings that cannot be put into words with a clear voice, is endlessly expressive. Tatsumi sings Sosuke’s feelings straight and straight, and when he meets Kokage, his singing voice changes and conveys the change in his feelings.
[Image 3:×2700.jpg] The end of the stage is shocking. A man who wished to obtain an immortal body and a man who strangely obtained an immortal body. They will continue to live for the next 1,000 years, and in the movie version, a modern story awaits them. After the Genepro ended, the two starring W spoke about their enthusiasm. Tatsumi: I think it’s a stage where you can enjoy the movie even more deeply. I’d be happy if you could enjoy the live charm that is unique to the stage when you perform with a passionate heart and meet the band’s live performance! Hamanaka With a live band and a round stage where you can see us from various angles, it’s a very impressive work. Please come to the theater!” what do they carry? The theme of the story is deep, such as whether eternal life is really happy and what the price is. First of all, I want you to see the beginning of the men’s long journey on this stage.
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[Image 5:×2600.jpg] [Performance information] THEATRICAL LIVE “Our Thousand Years and 30 Days Until You Die” Tokyo Performance September 8th (Friday) to 18th (Monday), 2023 Venue: Shinagawa Prince Hotel Club eX Osaka Performance September 2023 22nd (Friday) to 24th (Sunday) Venue: COOL JAPAN PARK OSAKA TT Hall Ticket: All seats reserved 9,800 yen (tax included) Cast: Yudai Tatsumi, Bunichi Hamanaka, Riko Sugawara, AKANE LIV Script and direction : Katsuhide Suzuki Inquiries: Toei Video Customer Center 0120-1081-46 (Weekdays 10:00-13:00, 14:00-17:00) [Public information]
Movie “Our Thousand Years and 30 Days Until You Die”
Starring: Yudai Tatsumi, Bunichi Hamanaka, Sakurako Konishi, Mariko Tsutsui Director: Takeo Kikuchi
Production manager/distribution: Toei Video Production: Altamira Pictures (C) Our Millennium Project (C) 2023 Movie “Our Thousand Years and 30 Days Until You Die” Production Committee
Released on Friday, October 27, 2023
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