This year as well, we will be distributing a booklet version of the Sargassum that includes the latest research themes as a bonus for visitors! HIKE exhibits at TGS2023 Business Solution Corner

HIKE Co., Ltd.
This year as well, we will be distributing a booklet version of the Sargassum that includes the latest research themes as a bonus for visitors! HIKE exhibits at TGS2023 Business Solution Corner
~Introducing three businesses that support the game industry with “graphics”, “animation” and “tuning”~
HIKE Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Masataka Mikami, hereinafter referred to as “HIKE”) will have a booth in the business solution corner in addition to the general exhibition corner at “Tokyo Game Show 2023” (hereinafter referred to as TGS2023). We would like to inform you that we will be exhibiting. HIKE provides over 3,000 development assistance and promotional projects to game-related companies annually. At TGS2023, we will be introducing our businesses around three brands: “Trigono”, a graphics business brand, “100studio”, a digital animation studio, and “Sarugakucho”, which tunes content including games. A copy of Sarugakucho’s survey report, “Sarugakuchosa 2023 Booklet”, will be distributed to those who attend.
[Image 1:×630.jpg] Exhibition overview
Name: Tokyo Game Show 2023
Sponsored by: Computer Entertainment Association (CESA)
Business Day: Thursday, September 21st, Friday, September 22nd Public release date: September 23rd (Saturday), September 24th (Sunday) Venue: Makuhari Messe
Booth location: Business solution corner [03-C44]
Exhibitor name: HIKE
*HIKE will also be exhibited at the general exhibition corner of “Tokyo Game Show 2023”.
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Sargacchosa booklet version 2023
“Sarugakuchosa” is a research report published by the Sarugaku Agency, which is responsible for HIKE’s tuning and verification business. At the HIKE booth, we will be handing out a special booklet that combines the 2023 announcement of “User research related to billing in the mobile game market” and the latest research theme, “User research related to play status and play environment in the consumer game market.” .
[Image 2:×1436.png ]
From “User survey regarding billing in the mobile game market” *The number is limited. Please note.
Exhibiting business/brand
[Image 3:×192.png ]
By combining the high technical capabilities of internal creators with the latest technology such as “IP understanding x external famous illustrators x AI”, we create graphics of various shapes. Rather than simply producing illustrations on a contract basis, we will accompany you from the point of view of design proposals and quality lines. 2D animation and 3D are also supported. In addition to domestic and international direction and in-house production teams, we have one of the largest production systems in Japan, including a network of over 10,000 affiliated illustrators.
Business content: 2D graphics, 2D animation, and 3D production mainly for games Teaser site:
[Image 4:×1080.png ]
It was launched in May 2021 as a “studio that supports creators” with the aim of “enriching people’s hearts through animation.” 100studio Tokyo (Nishiogikubo) was established in April 2022, 100studio Taiwan (Taiwan) was established in July of the same year, and 100studio Fukuoka (Fukuoka) was established in April 2023. We are planning to open 100studio Osaka (Osaka) next year. We believe that attractive works can be created by connecting production and production and leveraging the individuality of the creator, and we will continue to create animation works for the world. In addition, in keeping with our founding philosophy of “supporting talented creators regardless of geography,” we are preparing to open multiple locations in the future, including local and overseas studios.
Business content: Planning and production of general animation videos such as TV, theaters, distribution, games, MVs, etc.
Official website:
[Image 5:×459.jpg] Tuning mainly involves testing the content being produced and proposing ideas and adjusting balance in order to make it “more interesting,” “more kind,” and “more enjoyable.” Tuning targets range from home game software, smartphone apps, card games, and toys, and our experienced craftsmen work patiently and carefully.
Recent projects include “ELDEN RING” and “ARMORED CORE VI FIRES OF RUBICON”. Business content: Entertainment content tuning
Business introduction page: About HIKE Co., Ltd.
[Image 6:×154.png ]
As an entertainment company that handles all kinds of content centered on IP, such as anime, manga, games, and stage plays, we will rapidly take on new challenges one after another and provide the value of IP not only domestically but globally.
Company name: HIKE Co., Ltd.
Address: 4th floor, JRE Nishi-Shinjuku Terrace, 3-2-4 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0023
Official website:
Representative: Representative Director Masataka Mikami
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