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Tipranks Ltd. TipRanks, an Israeli company, begins providing information such as “TipRanks U.S. stock analyst rankings and price targets” for the first time to major domestic securities companies.

Tipranks Ltd.
TipRanks, an Israeli company, begins providing information such as “TipRanks U.S. stock analyst rankings, price targets, etc.” for the first time to major domestic securities companies.
Providing investment information on US stocks using AI and natural language processing technology to Rakuten Securities
From October 2023, TipRanks Ltd. (Headquarters: Tel Aviv Israel, CEO: Uri Gruenbaum, hereinafter referred to as “TipRanks”) will become Rakuten Securities Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director and President: Yuji Kusunoki, hereinafter referred to as “Rakuten Securities We are pleased to announce that we will begin providing information on TipRanks U.S. stock analyst rankings and target stock prices. This is the first time for TipRanks to provide information such as “TipRanks U.S. stock analyst rankings and price targets” for major domestic securities companies.
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“TipRanks U.S. stock analysts’ high profile stock rankings, target price information, and other information” that will be provided this time utilizes TipRanks’ proprietary AI and natural language processing technology, and uses a huge amount of financial data to provide “target stock price information” for individual U.S. stocks. ”, “Hedge Fund Trading Trends”, “Corporate Insider Trading Trends”, and “Analyst Attention Rankings” that allow you to visually check investment information. For example, in the “Analyst Attention Ranking”, you can specify the type of information such as “stocks with the highest number of analyst evaluations,” period, market capitalization size, and sector, and 3 or more analysts have evaluated the ranking within the specified period. You can display a list of US stocks (individual stocks) and check analysts’ stock price predictions for each stock, as well as the average price target for the stock.
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“TipRanks U.S. stock analyst hot stock rankings, price target information, and other information” is available for free to anyone with a Rakuten Securities account. Through this service, Rakuten Securities users will be able to obtain a richer view of the consensus forecasts of Wall Street analysts covering U.S. stocks (displayed in 5 levels such as buy/sell), trading trends of hedge funds, trading trends of corporate stakeholders, etc. It will now be possible to easily obtain such information and use it to make investment decisions based on market evaluations of individual US stocks. As a result, Rakuten Securities will be able to provide information that
contributes to the asset formation and investment activities of individual investors with a variety of needs, from beginners to advanced investors.
TipRanks provides a variety of tools and information, including this one, to help individual investors make smart, data-based investments for their own asset formation and investment, just like professional investors do. I would like to create a world where people can do the same thing.
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TipRanks is an investment research company that provides individual investors with the level of information used by financial institutions and Wall Street professionals to support investment decision-making. By making full use of AI, TipRanks collects a huge amount of financial and stock information, analyzes it with its own technology, visualizes it, and provides it as an easy-to-understand data set. Brokers and banks around the world, including the US, Singapore, UK, and Canada, incorporate TipRanks’ equity research data into their platforms to provide tools and information to increase their clients’ investment returns.
Company name: TipRanks Ltd.
Address: Weizman 2, Tel Aviv, Israel
Established: 2012
CEO: Uri Gruenbaum
Business content: Media business, solution business
Consolidated subsidiary: Inc.
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