The schedule for all 9 events including the bicycle tour “Kuwato Ride” has been decided – Autumn for cycle sports has arrived! Enjoy cycling! ―
A new program to be held in the fall has been decided for “GRAND CYCLE TOKYO CARAVAN”, which is being implemented in collaboration with the projects of municipalities in Tokyo to promote the use of bicycles and raise safety awareness! We have prepared a fun program with
instructors related to bicycles and are looking forward to your visit! Please refer to the attached “Event Schedule” for the venue and schedule.
[Image 1: &s3=52467-4652-9268CEE7CB163CB163C680AA5129D7D7 14A4C0-971X546.jpg] Implementation program
[Image 2:×324.jpg] kick bike experience
[Image 3:×333.jpg] virtual cycling

[Image 4: cabf4399eb980E15-4.jpg &s3=52467-4652-0852B8563D5A91594550E4443B15 631379-449×313.jpg]
BMX experience
[Image 5:×307.jpg] bicycle tour ride

*In addition to the above programs, we will also promote the use of helmets to ensure safe bicycle use.
Program instructor
[Image 6:×313.jpg] Mr. Naoki Idegawa
(Former MTB All Japan Champion)
October 8th 34th Citizen Sports Festival (Kodaira City)
October 9 Taito Sports Festa 2023 (Taito Ward)
Running bike trial instructor
[Image 7:×309.jpg] Mr. Yu Yamamoto
(Professional BMX rider)
October 9 Sports Day Ome 2023
BMX trial instructor

[Image 8:×386.jpg] Mr. Charlie Isozaki
(Former MTB Japan representative)
November 4th Bicycle tour “Kuwato Ride” (Hachioji City)
Tour ride instructor

About advance application
Pre-registration is required for the following programs that will be implemented in collaboration with projects in Ome City and Hachioji City. Please feel free to apply.
1. October 9th (Monday/Holiday) Sports Day Ome 2023
BMX Freestyle Flatland Experience Session (Lecturer: Yu Yamamoto)    Let’s experience BMX freestyle, which is the most talked about extreme sport! Rent the necessary equipment at the venue
Yes, even beginners can participate with confidence.
Date and time: Held a total of 8 times on October 9th (Monday/Holiday) from 11:00 to 15:45
(about 15 minutes each time)
Meeting place: Sumitomo Metal Mining Arena Ome Front Square
[Image 9:×450.png ]
Target audience: Elementary school students and above (those who can ride a bicycle). Participation fee free
Capacity: Approximately 5 people on a first-come, first-served basis each time (approximately 40 people in total)
To apply, access the dedicated form (two-dimensional code on the right) or the URL below.
Please apply.
2. November 4th (Saturday) Bicycle tour “Kuwato Ride” (Lecturer: Mr. Charlie Isozaki)
“Kuwato Monogatari” tells the history of Hachioji, which once developed through sericulture and textiles, in connection with Mt. Takao.
Former mountain biker, Japan representative and special envoy for Hachioji tourism PR, Charlie Isozaki, was certified as a Japanese heritage site.
We will be holding a tour of famous places and landmarks related to “Souto Monogatari”. e-bike (sport type electric assist)
This is a tour where you ride on a designated course using your bicycle or your own bicycle.
Applications will start from October 2nd (Monday).
Date and time: Held twice on November 4th (Saturday) from 09:30 and from 13:00
[Image 10:×530.png ]
*If it is difficult to hold the event on the 4th (Saturday) due to rain, etc., the event will be held on the 5th (Sunday).
Course Special course based on Hachioji City Japan Heritage Official Cycling Map Target audience: 1.15 years of age or older, with the physical strength to complete a 2.30km course in 2 hours (estimate)
Participation fee free
Capacity: Approximately 20 people (10 people each time). First come first served.
Application: Access the dedicated form (two-dimensional code on the right) or the URL below to apply.
Please (after Monday, October 2nd)
*For details on the above projects, please refer to the GRAND CYCLE TOKYO homepage.
For inquiries regarding application, please contact the GRAND CYCLE TOKYO Inquiry Desk (Telephone 050-1808-0078)
(Weekdays 10:00-17:00) / Email
[Image 11:×117. jpg ]
“GRAND CYCLE TOKYO” (GCT) makes bicycles more familiar to people who are environmentally friendly and good for their health.
As part of the project, “GRAND CYCLE TOKYO CARAVAN” was held in collaboration with local municipalities in Tokyo to promote the use of bicycles and raise safety awareness. In addition to being able to experience a variety of cycling sports in various locations around Tokyo, we will also take initiatives to encourage the use of helmets to help you use your bicycle more safely.
Details will be announced on our homepage, SNS, etc.
[Image 12:×450.png ]
Attachment “Schedule”
[Image 13:×587 .png ]

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