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Tokyo News Service Co., Ltd. FRUITS ZIPPER’s first artist book “Furuppa no Hon” will be reprinted! ! !

Tokyo News Service Co., Ltd.
FRUITS ZIPPER’s first artist book “Furuppa no Hon” will be reprinted! ! ! A photo book filled with the entire year of the popular idol group FRUITS ZIPPER will be reprinted!
Tokyo News Tsushinsha Co., Ltd., which publishes media such as magazines “TV Guide” and “B.L.T.”, is reprinting “FRUITS ZIPPER PERFECTBOOK vol. 1” released on April 24th due to strong sales. We have decided. Available at bookstores and online bookstores
[Image 1:×1280.jpg] “FRUITS ZIPPER PERFECTBOOK vol.1” (published by Tokyo News Service) Photography by HIROKAZU
A reprint of the idol group FRUITS ZIPPER’s first artist book “FRUITS ZIPPER PERFECTBOOK Furuppa no Hon vol.1″, which was released on April 24, 2023, has been decided. This work allows you to enjoy the world of Furuppa from various directions, including “FRUITS ZIPPER in OKINAWA” where you can see the real faces of the members in Okinawa, the filming location, and “FRUITS ZIPPER in OKINAWA” where you can see the real faces of the members in Okinawa, the filming location, and “Furuppa Soro” where each of the seven members realizes what they want to do. ”, a long group talk in which the seven members talked about the behind-the-scenes stories behind the start of FRUITS ZIPPER, a solo interview with the seven members that records their honest feelings from before their debut to the present, as well as staff interviews, the progress of the past year, and the members. It is broadly divided into “FRUITS ZIPPER Grand Anatomy” which reveals the current status of FRUITS ZIPPER through Q&A, song & MV
introductions, merchandise introductions, etc. This book allows you to learn everything about FRUITS ZIPPER, whose fan base is still increasing rapidly, and it has received a great response from fans and others since its release.
[Image 2:×2500.jpg] “FRUITS ZIPPER PERFECTBOOK vol.1” (published by Tokyo News Service) Photography by HIROKAZU
The tour will be held in 7 cities nationwide including Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Hiroshima, Sapporo, Kanagawa, and Tokyo, including the first arena performance to be held for 10,000 people on Saturday, October 28th, and the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium performance. The reprint has been decided during the national tour “FRUITS ZIPPER JAPAN TOUR 2023 -AUTUMN- The Parlor of FRUITS ZIPPER”!
FRUITS ZIPPER is a work that allows fans and FRUITS ZIPPER to get to know more about FRUITS ZIPPER, who filled 6 sold-out performances nationwide from September’s Zepp Namba performance in Osaka to KT Zepp Yokohama performance in Kanagawa. Please look forward to this book, which will be loved by everyone involved for a long time!
-Joyful comments from FRUITS ZIPPER members-
Tsukiashi Amane
I often heard or saw news stories about popular idols and actresses being reprinted! It was a dream come true for me to hear someone say, “Someday, we’ve decided to reprint it!”, so when I heard that, I was so surprised that I thought my eyes were going to pop out of my head. I sincerely thank all the fans and everyone who has been involved in this book! “Furuppa no Hon” is a wonderful book that not only allows you to learn about the members’ personal details and the group in more detail, but also includes all the photos. If you are interested in FRUITS ZIPPER, please read it once!
Chinzei Suzuka
Reprint of “Furuppa no Hon”! I am very happy! I knew that the word reprint was a great word, so it would be like a dream for us as a group to have our first book reprinted. This is all thanks to everyone at Furuppa who always supports me (heart). I want those who already have the book to read it over and over again, and I also want to express my gratitude to those who will discover the book in the future. . Thank you everyone (heart)
Yui Sakurai
Thank you for picking up “Furuppa no Hon”! It’s such a special and happy thing that our group’s book was released so soon after our debut, and I’m really happy that it’s even been reprinted! We have a lot of photos and interviews, so please read them (Heart)
Ruka Nakagawa
First of all, thank you very much for reprinting “Furuppa no Hon”! I’m so happy to think that so many people will pick up the book and learn more about us.I’d like to ask those of you who haven’t picked up the “Furuppa no Hon” yet to be at least a little concerned about FRUITS ZIPPER. For those of you who have become fans, it’s only been a year and a half since our debut, but I hope you don’t think that you can’t catch up. I hope you’ll pick up this book and get to know all the members better. So I definitely want you to read it, and I think if you watch the live show again after learning about each member’s life, you will see it differently! I definitely want you to pick it up! Mana Manaka
This book is the result of the cooperation of many people who are indispensable to Furuppa! I believe that our way of thinking changes day by day, so at first I was worried that my feelings at that time would remain in a tangible form, but I’m really happy that it was received so well by everyone! I hope that it will be a book that will be loved by many people for a long time, not only as a book that allows you to learn about us up until now, but also as a way to learn about the future of Furuppa. Thank you very much for this reprint! Karen Matsumoto
Furuppa, I’m always happy to be loved so much by so many people! So amazing! By reading “Furuppa no Hon”, I got to know more about Karen and the members, and Karen also asked me a lot of stories about when she was little. I understand! !
Hayase Noel
To be honest, I never expected that so many people would read our 1st anniversary book, which has only been a little over a year since we debuted, so I’m really, really happy. On our 2nd anniversary, we will do our best to be loved by even more people!
A seven-member idol group that debuted in April 2022 last year. Based on the concept of “From Harajuku to the world,” we will be
disseminating “NEW KAWAII” from “Harajuku,” a place of diverse culture and a fashion town where individuality gathers. Currently, the group’s first national tour “FRUITS ZIPPER JAPAN TOUR 2023 -AUTUMN- The Parlor of FRUITS ZIPPER” is being held. The tour final will be held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium on Saturday, October 28th. Also, on September 13th, FRUITS ZIPPER’s 1st single CD “My Cutest Place” will be released.
“Furuppa no Hon” reprint commemorative online event will be held! To commemorate the reprint of “FRUITS ZIPPER PERFECTBOOK vol.1,” an online event will be held on September 20th (Wednesday) and 21st (Thursday). We are currently accepting reservations. For details, please check CORAZON
[Product overview] “FRUITS ZIPPER PERFECTBOOK Furuppa Book vol.1” ●Release date: April 24, 2023 (Monday) – Now on sale –
●List price: 3,300 yen ●Published by: Tokyo News Press Can be purchased at bookstores and online bookstores nationwide. For details, please check TOKYO NEWS magazine&mook-
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