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Tsubasa Kokusha Co., Ltd. “Tsubasa’s Funeral Service”, where you can entrust everything, will start from September 20th

Tsubasa Public Interest Company Co., Ltd.
“Tsubasa’s Funeral Service”, where you can entrust everything, will be available from September 20th
A package that allows you to entrust all funerals and burials that you cannot rush to.
Tsubasa Kokusha Co., Ltd. (Head office location: Saku City, Nagano Prefecture, Representative Director: Norifumi Shinohara) will start offering “Tsubasa’s Funeral” from 198,000 yen (217,800 yen including tax) from November 1, 2023. .
■ Tsubasa’s funeral summary: 198,000 yen (217,800 yen including tax). Picking up the body from the hospital, keeping the body (2 days), keeping the body cold, administrative procedures, crematorium reservation, coffin interment, coffin removal, transporting the hearse, witnessing the burial, picking up the remains, and
transporting the ashes to the designated location. support. This is a package service for families in remote areas that provides everything needed from the death of a relative to cremation and burial.
[Image 1:×512.jpg] What is “Tsubasa no Takuso”?
Takuso is a term coined to describe the services provided by Tsubasa Public Interest Company, which provides support for families in remote areas, from the passing of a relative (from the perspective of the chief mourner, it is assumed to be an uncle or aunt without children), administrative procedures, cremation arrangements, etc. This is a funeral method that provides a wide range of integrated support, from casket placement, cremation attendance, and ashes collection to burial. You can monitor the implementation of funerals, cremations, and burials while receiving progress updates from Tsubasa Public Interest Company’s official LINE. Since its founding in 2017, Tsubasa Public Interest Company has been making proposals to reduce the burden on funeral organizers, such as “funeral plans without a chief mourner” and “funeral pre-living contracts,” but since the coronavirus pandemic, urban In response to an increase in the number of funerals that the department cannot rush to, we have come up with a special package. We offer a variety of funeral services, including Buddhist, Shinto, and non-religious, and provide one-stop services from delivery to designated locations (cemeteries, etc.) to cemetery introductions and burial support. .
Characteristics of Tsubasa’s funeral
1. Funerals can be held from a remote location without having to rush in. You can hold a funeral in a place you are unfamiliar with, without having to worry about administrative procedures that you will never have to do in your life, arranging a crematorium, securing
transportation, or finding a place to stay during your stay. 2. You can check your progress on LINE every time.
Progress information will be sent to your smartphone or computer via LINE, allowing you to check documents and status. Death certificate (or autopsy report), death notification form, administrative documents, post-funeral administrative procedure documents, cremation permit, hearse use permit, etc. photo, photo of the state of burial, state of the casket, flower holder , you can check the status of the casket, the status of the crematorium, and the status from burial to post-burial on LINE.
3. One-stop service for contacting family temples, arranging religious personnel, arranging posthumous ceremonies, arranging cemetery grounds, and sorting out personal belongings.
In the case of a typical funeral, the family makes arrangements with family temples and religious figures, and makes arrangements for the grave, but even if you are in a remote location, you can leave all of this to Tsubasa Public Interest Company. A person in charge who is familiar with local circumstances will make arrangements on behalf of the family, reducing the time and opportunity burden on the family.
[Image 2:×511.jpg] Tsubasa’s Funeral Usage Example
Agency transportation + interment + agency procedures + agency funeral + crematorium attendance agency + sending ashes (with location tracking) = 217,800 yen
Agency transportation + interment + agency procedures + agency funeral + crematorium attendance agency + zero funeral (no remains) = 217,800 yen
(Example of options) Flower-filled plan, tree funeral, scattering of ashes at sea, arrangements for religious people, posthumous posthumous arrangements, sorting of belongings, etc.
The impact of the global pandemic and Tsubasa’s funeral
The global pandemic caused by the new coronavirus has had a
significant impact on the funeral industry. To prevent the spread of infection, many people reduced the scale of their funerals, refrained from publishing condolences in newspapers, and held solemn funerals with only their relatives in attendance, without holding funerals or farewell ceremonies. In the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic, it was considered undesirable to move from metropolitan areas such as Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka to rural areas, and Tsubasa Public Interest Company responded by providing online funeral live streaming and remote condolence support. Under these circumstances, the coronavirus pandemic has created the phenomenon of “funerals that cannot be rushed to” from far away or urban areas. Since around 2020, in response to increasing needs, Tsubasa Kokusha has begun to provide a variety of proxy procedures and attendance at crematoriums more than ever before. This time, “Tsubasa’s Funeral Service” will be entrusted with the thoughts of relatives who are unable to attend due to various reasons, as the number of “funerals that cannot be rushed” is increasing due to the coronavirus pandemic, and we will handle the funeral process each time. This is a package service in which we supervise the deceased and take care of the entire funeral, burial, and arrangement of the deceased’s belongings.
[Image 3:×511.jpg] About Tsubasa Public Interest Company
A venture company from Saku City that was established with the purpose of “providing new options for funerals.” Founded in April 2017. In December of the same year, Tsubasa Hall Odai opened in Odai, Saku City. We started operating Tsubasa Hall, which does not have a membership system and allows people to move directly from the hospital facility to the hall, realizing a “funeral without using your home.” Features include non-contact, non-face-to-face online funerals and online condolence inquiries using digital technology. We are implementing new trials such as “DIY funeral” sold on Amazon and “Zero funeral” which does not leave any remains behind. “Tsubasa Hall Sakudaira” opened in April 2019. “Tsubasa Hall Higashioya” opened in December 2020. In November 2021, “Tsubasa Hall Ueda Hitori” and “Tsubasa Hall Saku Chuo” will open. “Tsubasa Hall Ueda Kamabata” will open on December 19, 2022. Operated 6 funeral halls within 5 years of operation. Over 1,600 funerals have been held.
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