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ugee Introducing the best cost performance pen tablet! UGEE Q8W Free yourself from troublesome wired connections!

Introducing the best cost performance pen tablet! UGEE Q8W Free yourself from troublesome wired connections!
If you download the app from the official site, you can solve the deformation problem that is a problem in the industry!
Let’s draw on your smartphone! Anytime, anywhere!
■Equipped with BLUETOOTH 5.0! No delays or disconnections!
Enables communication distance up to 10M and high-speed transfer. BLUETOOTH 5.0 technology eliminates troublesome cable wiring will be released!
You can move freely while proceeding with your lecture without cables, and you don’t have to worry about delays or disconnections!
[Image 1:×600.jpg] ■Screen ratio adjustment possible! Compatible with smartphones! In the pen tablet industry, there are many cases where the aspect ratio of the pen tablet does not match the monitor depending on the terminal device connected.
doing. The screen is deformed and I can’t move the pen freely, so the experience is not good. This problem has always existed
This is a problem plaguing the industry. In response to this problem, UGEE developed an APP using its proprietary technology, allowing users to access the official website.
After downloading the APP from the official website, it will automatically adjust to maintain the correct aspect ratio (heart) It is also compatible with Android smartphones and tablets. 16:9, 20:9, 16:10, 9:16, 4 ratio modes can be freely switched
I’ll change it! It is also compatible with mainstream drawing software such as ibisPaint (compatible with Android and iOS) and OneNote. The cutest pen tablet, compatible with mobile phones (Android), very convenient and easy to carry around (Heart)
[Image 2:×787.jpg] ■The cost performance is the best!
Professional performance at an entry-level price! 8 inch size, similar to an A5 notebook. 8192 levels of pen pressure, tilt-sensing pen Equipped with a function that captures all changes in pen movement, accurately reproduces lines and strokes without lag, and provides higher followability.
You can realize the ability.
■Product information:
Product size: 166 x 218mm;
Drawing area: 6.3 x 3.5 inches;
Weight: 249g; It’s about the same size as an A5 notebook, so you can carry it anywhere. Type-C cable is hidden below
It is a convenient built-in type that you can always have on hand.
[Image 3:×787.jpg] ■Reference link:

[Image 4:×600.jpg]

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