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Unified Communications Co., Ltd. Nety Co., Ltd. strengthens partnership with communication system development and sales company Unified Communications

Unified Communications Co., Ltd.
Nety Co., Ltd. strengthens partnership with communications system development and sales company Unified Communications
-Create further synergies between the two companies, which are experts in communication systems. As a first step, we began selling and installing TP-Link network equipment. –
Nety, Inc. (Representative Director: Takafumi Yamaoka/hereinafter referred to as Nety) is pleased to announce that it will strengthen its partnership with Unified Communications, Inc. (Representative Director: Yasunori Ota/hereinafter referred to as Unified
The two companies have traditionally collaborated on a
project-by-project basis, but in order to further strengthen their collaboration, they have decided to mutually provide, sell, and maintain their products.
As a first step, Nety will receive network equipment from Unified Communications, an official distributor of TP-Link, and will begin a business that handles configuration, installation, and construction. Nety has many partners and users in the communication system industry, and aims to further expand its business with TP Link’s network equipment, which is inexpensive yet high-quality and follows cutting-edge technology.
Takafumi Yamaoka, Representative Director of Nety, commented as follows. “The evolution of mobile networks is remarkable, and the upgrades of network equipment that accompany it have reached an astonishing level. It is powerful to be able to form a partnership with Unified Communications, which has been at the forefront for many years. Naturally, I will make use of my experience and focus on new business development.”
Yasunori Ota, Representative Director of Unified Communications, commented as follows.
“We welcome this strengthening of our partnership. We have supported Nety on a variety of projects, and we look forward to the possibility of further collaboration. We are confident that our extensive connections within the industry will bring about significant changes to our business.”
[About Nety]
We started in 2005 with software development as our core.
We design and construct networks targeting network engineers who know software. We will continue to strive to acquire further technical capabilities and realize our customers’ requests.
For details, please refer to the website: [About Unified Communications]
Since 1997, Unified Communications Co., Ltd. has been developing and selling our own products, selling and building other companies’ products, providing related technical services, and collaborating with domestic and foreign manufacturers, mainly in the communications and call center fields.
We work on many systems and solutions that are difficult to implement with other manufacturers and system integrators, and provide them to customers and partners in a variety of industries.
For details, please refer to the website: More details about this release:

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