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Vendors for the “Circulation Festival” to be held at Kyoto Umekoji Park where you can easily experience “reuse” have been confirmed.

Human Forum Co., Ltd.
Vendors for the “Circulation Festival” to be held at Kyoto Umekoji Park where you can easily experience “reuse” have been confirmed. ……
The exhibitors for the “Circulation Festival”, a reuse event created with young people to be held on November 20th (sponsored by Human Forum Co., Ltd., Kyoto Shinkin Bank, JSB Co., Ltd., and Umekoji Creative Platform) have been decided. Ta.
[Image 1:×347.jpg] ■Event overview
“Circulation Festival” is an event that started in 2022 to create a new “circulation” movement with young people and players related to reuse, mainly in Kyoto City.
There will also be a free donation and collection of used clothing, reuse workshops, exhibitions, stage events, and a food court, making it an event that everyone can enjoy.
■Date/Time/Sunday, November 12, 2023
■Venue / Umekoji Park Shichijo Entrance Square 56-3 Kankiji-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 600-8835
■Admission fee / Free
■Store owners (in no particular order)
[Circulating exhibition] (Company name: Exhibit content)
Nissen Co., Ltd.: Exhibition of initiatives of the company’s SDGs division brand RiFUKURU
Share cycle service kotobike: Share cycle exhibition and service introduction Crew Co., Ltd. (share cycle): Exhibition and demonstration of share cycle services
IKEUCHI ORGANIC Co., Ltd.: Introduction of initiatives
Certified NPO very50: Introduction of products and products through the program Ace Japan Co., Ltd.: Products that effectively utilize unused wood and forest residue
Tamayura Co., Ltd./Curelabo Co., Ltd.: Recycled and upcycled products Gashindo Co., Ltd.: Display of aroma diffuser made from upcycled frame scraps How to wood: Firewood interior display
OCHICOCHI Co., Ltd.: Introduction and exhibition of Kyoboku Cotton Project initiatives
Tokushima Prefectural Naka High School: Exhibition introducing “Fukukatsu” (clothing circulation), an initiative being carried out at the high school
[Circulation workshop (some charges apply)] (Company name: Contents) Sustainable Toy “SDKids”: Crafts using cardboard scraps
Kyoto Festival Coin como/Garbage Cafe KYOTO: Young generation challenge booth, collection of compost made with LFC compost Generation Z support project: Personal color diagnosis
Living Lamp General Incorporated Association: Paint Art Creation H2O Retailing Co., Ltd.: Earth Labo Agripoucher Compost Workshop Kintsugi Workshop: Simple Kintsugi and Kintsugi Accessories Workshop Hiyoshigaoka High School 1st year students Fashion Future Project: Used clothing upcycling workshop
Terra Energy Electric x Art Experience! : Create art, charge your smartphone with sunlight, experience hand-cranked power generation [Circulating Market] (Company name: Sales items)
SPINNS: Used clothes
Urban Research Co., Ltd.: Used clothing, outlet clothing, remakes, upcycled items
Tsukuroi: Upcycled kimono products
Eirin Co., Ltd.: Recycled bicycle sales, free bicycle inspection, free collection of unwanted bicycles
MJVINTAGE: Used clothes
from clothes : secondhand clothes
STUDY FOR TWO: Used books
Ecoring Co., Ltd.: Used clothes, accessories, miscellaneous goods, tableware, gifts, toys, stuffed animals
Second-hand clothes shop troika: Second-hand clothes, remade items Base space: scrap material
Dracaena Garage Sale: Used clothes, miscellaneous goods
KINJI/ThreeStar: Used clothes, miscellaneous goods
Ozora High School x SPINNS: Used clothes
[Circulation Marche (product sales)] (Company name: Sales items) Kyo Trend.: Kyoto Craft Cola
Pukapuka: honey, coconut oil, cacao, makomo tea, cereals
Nakano vinegar: Black sake vinegar, Kotobuki vinegar
Organic nico Co., Ltd.: Organic vegetables, organic cultivation planter kit Lull KYOTO: CBD oil, CBD balm, CBD vape, CBD bath salts, CBD Wasanbon, etc. mumokuteki cafe KYOTO: Vegan chocolate, vegan warabimochi, organic drink Kyotofu Fujino: Soy milk okara donuts, okara cookies for dogs, and other sweets using soy milk and okara
Kyoto Kawabata Shoten: Natural dye dyed stole
Vegetables Nishiki Shoten: Circulating vegetable set
Mottainai Cafe: Nokori Plum Cake
tone.lifestyleshop&salon: Organic, vegan cosmetics
HACaLi: rice, cookies, honey, Inaniwa udon drumsticks
ORIWA: Extra virgin olive oil (from New Zealand)
Tsunoyoshi Co., Ltd.: Japanese pepper, various types of tsukudani, vegan dipping sauce, dashi soy sauce, clothing, etc.
Boulangerie L’oiseau bleu: vegan bread (ancient wheat and gluten-free bread) [Circulation Marche (on-site cooking)] (Company name: Sales items) Cafe Sarasa: Cakes, cookies, coffee, chili con carne, taco rice, etc. MOAI soil and vegetables: curry, soft drinks
Miyama Mobile Cafe: Vegetable tacos, chai, coffee
Garandori: Pesticide-free brown rice rice ball bento, soybean croquette, grilled rice ball, pesticide-free brown rice amazake shake Kyoto Venison Specialty Yamato Aru Workshop: Venison Dotenai, Venison Craft Sausage
Oblicos (CAFE&BAR OBBLi): Tacos, quesadillas, cocktails, etc. spice stand sola: spice curry
Nepali restaurant Namaste: Naan curry, curry rice, cheese kebab, lassi SHIZUKUFARM: Curry, roasted sweet potatoes, and other merchandise Wild Salmon Sasaki: Wild salmon hot sandwiches, smoked rice, canned food, etc. CORNER MIX: hot dog, mixed juice,
Kyoto Craft Beer Expo: Beer, goods, etc. from Kyoto-made craft breweries Kuishinbou Gang: Craft draft beer, cotton candy
Marufuku KYOTO: Fried oysters with lees soup
Inaho Shokudo: Green curry, pho
Mushroom-Cafe: Keihoku burger, Trappist beer, homemade ginger ale Casicano: Butter chicken curry, hot ginger
MINORI Kobo: Brown rice sweets, brown rice gelato, drinks
Smoked Workshop Yakiniku Restaurant Ichinan: Mottainai Curry, Chicken Sausage Mobile Farm Stall Denjiro: Nekomeyaki (cat-shaped dough made from rice flour and soy milk and filled with red bean paste)
■Last time’s situation
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