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Very popular! Cheers song “♪AKASAKANPAI!”, a “cheers song” created by the city of Akasaka and TBS Sp arkle, will be sung passionately by the performing artists at “Akasaka Autumn Festival 2023” held on September 15-16 !

TBS Sparkle
[Very popular! Cheers song] “♪AKASAKANPAI!”, a “cheers song” created by the city of Akasaka and TBS Sparkle, will be sung passionately by the performing artists at “Akasaka Autumn Festival 2023” held on September 15-16!
The long-awaited “karaoke video” has also been released!
AKASAKANPAI! ~Addictive toast song~
Music video (karaoke version)
Music video (regular version)
original song
Held from September 15th (Sat) to 16th (Sun)
“Akasaka Autumn Festival 2023″ Akasaka’s famous stores gather! Tamabukuro Sujitaro
Ishisu Takizawa
Motobull etc.
Many talents and musicians will appear!
■“♪A, Ka, Sa, Kanpai!” released in April 2023
“AKASAKANPAI!~Addictive Cheers Song~” is the original theme song for the “Akane Festival”, a festival in Tokyo’s Minato Ward, which is held every year at “Akasaka Sacas Hiroba” in front of TBS. This song, which was completed by soliciting lyrics from people in Akasaka, is an addictive toast song that you won’t be able to get out of your head once you hear it! There’s no doubt that people all over the country will be excited with a drink in hand and say, “Ah, ka, sa, kanpai!” Furthermore, the long-awaited “karaoke video” is also released! Check it out from the URL above! At the “Akasaka Autumn Festival 2023” held from September 15th (Sat) to 16th (Sun), heavy rotation throughout the venue and performing artists will sing along with the customers on stage!
『AKASAKANPAI! ~Addictive Cheers Song~”
・Lyrics: Kensuke Matsumoto (Motoble) / Morihiro Takeda (TBS Sparkle) / Everyone in Akasaka
・Composer: Kensuke Matsumoto (Motobl)
・Music video: Yusuke Nakamura (TBS Sparkle)
・Producer: Morihiro Takeda (TBS Sparkle)
[Image 1:×1106.png ]
[Image 2:×1125.jpg] ■What is “Akasaka Autumn Festival 2023”?
An autumn festival where you can enjoy food and stage shows from famous restaurants in Akasaka.
Many famous stores are opening around Hitotsugi Dori! Music, talk shows, and a large raffle will be held on the stage where you can enjoy a drink in hand. It is held in conjunction with the Akasaka Hikawa Festival, and a Yoimiya parade is held on the first day. [Venue: Hitotsugi Dori & Nakanomachi Koji]
・9/15 (Friday) 18:00-21:00
・9/16 (Sat) 14:00-21:00
(Saturday, Nakanomachi Koji is scheduled to start from 17:00) [Those scheduled to appear on stage]
・Location: Stage in front of Hitotsugi Dori Dobashien
・MC: Ishisu Takizawa
15th (Friday)
・18:00 Motobull (also appears around 20:00)
・18:30 Akasaka Hula Dance Leilani
・19:00 Tatsuya Ichinose
・19:30 Wataru Oota & Misaki
16th (Sat)
・17:00 Special guest: Sujitaro Tamabukuro
・14:00 Motobull (also appears around 20:00)
・15:00 Heroes (Kids Cheer)
・18:00 Argentine Tango
・17:30 Cheer & Hip Hop Dance
・18:30 Wataru Oota & Misaki
*The above performers and performance times are subject to change without notice.
[Image 3:×2673.jpg] Special guest: Sujitaro Tamabukuro
[Image 4:×1440.jpg] Stage MC: Ishisu Takizawa
[Image 5:×470.jpg] “Motobull” is the creator of “AKASAKANPAI!” which will appear on stage. [Akasaka famous stores/opening stores]
-Hitotsugi-dori area-
・Gaburi chicken (deep-fried chicken, potato)
・Delicage Akasaka (sausage, fried noodles)
・Enmadou (gyoza, spring rolls, mapo tofu)
・Banquet room (roast pork)
・Napolis (pizza, french fries, fried chicken)
・Akasaka Marushige (minced meat cutlet sandwich)
・Akasaka Yakitori Otori
・Akasaka Oden clams (oden, shumai)
・MushaTora Akasaka *16th only (gyoza)
・Koya *Only on the 16th (yakisoba, chicken tempura, Hiroshima-yaki) ・QB-hive (fried rice)
・Dracula (cabbage rolls, sausage)
・BAR HAKATA (gelato)
・Masam (gyoza)
・Bijou (cafe)
・Tokyo Rural *16th only (vegetable sales)
・Tsuchibashien *Only on the 15th (green tea high, green tea) ・Hoppy Beverage (Hoppy, Guarana)
・Akasaka Food and Beverage Association (grilled seafood)
-Akasaka Biz Tower area-
・RAMEN Mozu (Ramen)
・Il Cardinale (Italian)
・Onigiri Konga (rice ball)
・SMILE KITCHEN (Japanese side dishes)
・Akasaka Miyagawa (eel)
*The above stores are subject to change without notice.
TBS Sparkle
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