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Victor Entertainment Chigasaki FM The frequency has been decided to be 89.2MHz for the scheduled opening date of October 1st.

Victor Entertainment
[Chigasaki FM] Frequency decided to be 89.2 MHz for the scheduled opening date of October 1st
“A RADIO STATION that helps everyone smile (89.2)!”
JVC Kenwood Victor Entertainment Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Katsunori Ueda) has invested and decided the frequency of Chigasaki FM (Evolage), which will open on October 1, 2023. At the same time, photos of the near-completed studio were also released.
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[Image 1:×1237.jpg] “Chigasaki FM” logo
Chigasaki FM has been attracting a lot of attention since before its opening, such as being listed as a special cooperation for the “Chigasaki Live 2023” by the hot topic Southern All Stars, which is scheduled to be held for the first time in 10 years. The frequency has been decided to be 89.2 MHz as a community FM that stands at (89.2). In addition, the studio will be set up in a community contribution facility close to the Chigasaki City Hall and the Chigasaki Citizen’s Cultural Center. As you can see in the photos released this time, in harmony with nature, not only good music such as Shonan Sound, but also necessary living and administrative information, leisure and sightseeing information for local people will be transmitted. It’s a schedule.
[Image 2:×1200.jpg] “Chigasaki FM” studio image drawing
[Image 3:×2000.jpg] Studio distant view → The one-story studio seen in the back is under construction
In addition, Chigasaki FM formed the “Chigasaki FM cheering party “Ebo Seeds”” in line with the announcement of the opening of the station in June this year, but the “Ikasu Jumper”, which is a privilege to join this Ebo Seeds, is also called [Yappaii Jean]. The decision design of was also announced. We are still accepting applications at any time, so please see the Chigasaki FM official website for details.
[Image 4:×1500.jpg] It’s really good Jean
In Chigasaki, there has been a growing demand from citizens for some time whether it is possible to create a place to disseminate wonderful local culture and information. In the midst of this, a group of volunteers living in Chigasaki thought that the form of “community FM” would be the most appropriate form of dissemination of local information. It led to the realization of the opening of “Chigasaki FM”.
With local attractions such as Eboshiiwa Rock, Hamadori Festival, Fireworks Festival, Raw Shirasu, disaster prevention information, and sustainable initiatives as pillars, we will strive to protect the people and nature of Chigasaki, a city of sea and music, while protecting the local community. Chigasaki FM is making progress as much as possible as an information dissemination base and a place for communication that emits and spreads its charm. We will continue to announce various information in the future, so please look forward to it.
Overview of Community FM Broadcasting Station Chigasaki FM “EBOSHI RADIO STATION”
■ Concept
Established the city’s first broadcasting station as a medium to disseminate Chigasaki’s unique music and culture, and deliver information on disaster prevention and daily life.
Aiming to contribute to the community by disseminating real-time information ■Operating entity
Chigasaki FM Co., Ltd. Chigasaki Tourism Association
■Broadcasting station overview
・Broadcasting station name: Chigasaki FM Co., Ltd.
・Frequency: 89.2MHz
・ Assumed program content: Entertainment information program centered on music, disaster prevention, sightseeing, events, etc.
■ Location
“Toyoko Inn Chigasaki City Hall” facility (currently under
construction) 1-1-14, Chigasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture
Scheduled for October 1, 2023
Official SNS
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