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Village Vanguard Yasui x Village Vanguard ~Collaboration goods will be released! ! ~

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[Yusui x Village Vanguard] ~Collaboration goods will be released! ! ~
[Image 1: &s3=18131-4965B30545FCDB7B7B57214E54E54E54a f7235-1200×1200.jpg] From Saturday, September 9, 2023, limited goods from Utattemita’s popular [Yasui] x Village Vanguard will be on sale at the online store! ! The illustrations drawn for this collaboration are a must-see! Don’t miss out as it will only be available for online ordering for a limited time!
【Product Details】
■Ron T-all 2 types ¥5,300 each (tax included)
[Image 2: &s3=18131-4965-1b39B36BF86A2C6E5D7955 47E33-538×283.jpg]
100% cotton
M Length 70cm/Width 52cm/Shoulder width 47cm/Sleeve length 61cm L Length 74cm/Width 55cm/Shoulder width 50cm/Sleeve length 62cm XL Length 78cm/Width 58cm/Shoulder width 53cm/Sleeve length 63cm ■Picture stand ¥1,450 (tax included)
[Image 3:×290.jpg] 【material】
Main body: Approximately W74mm x H116mm
Pedestal approximately W50mm x H50mm
■Sticker All 3 types ¥450 each (tax included)
[Image 4:×181.jpg] 【material】
synthetic paper
[Size] *In order from the left of the image
W42mm×H64mm W65mm×H28mm W64mm×H28mm
■Can badges, 3 types, ¥400 each (tax included)
[Image 5:×122.jpg] 【material】
steel/synthetic paper
[Size] Φ57mm
■Zippered pouch ¥2,200 (tax included)
[Image 6: &s3=18131-4965-4965 fb85a-303X218.jpg]
■Tote bag ¥3,200 (tax included)
[Image 7:×306.jpg] 【material】
100% cotton
[Size] Height 370mm x Width 240mm x Depth 120mm/Handle 550mm ■Face towel ¥3,850 (tax included)
[Image 8:×142.jpg] 【material】
[Size] Approximately 35cm x 80cm
■Fabric panel ¥8,700 (tax included)
[Image 9:×237.jpg] 【material】
[Size] 297mm x 210mm
[Order period]
September 9, 2023 (Sat) 19:00 – September 18, 2023 (Mon) 23:59 【Delivery date】
Late October to early November
[Sales store]
online store
Click here for details!
“Yusui” X (Twitter)
“Yusui” YouTube
▼“Village Vanguard Support Site” is now open!
The love of the Village Vanguard staff is exploding! POP is not enough! ? “Village Vanguard Support Site” filled with “things we love so much that we want to support them” is now open! I’m waiting for your comments and likes! !
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