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VR training “Beetre” to solve the shortage of trainers signs business partnership with INDIGITAL

VR training “Beetre” to solve the shortage of trainers signs business partnership with INDIGITAL
Potlatch (Japanese branch: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Taiga Kobayashi) provides VR training “Beetre” to solve the shortage of trainers, and INDIGITAL Co., Ltd. supports organizations’ DX and globalization through the introduction of cross-border telework in India.
(Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Keisuke Tanaka) will form a business alliance.
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The contents of the business partnership are as follows:
Beetle’s India expansion
Providing support services for introducing cross-border telework within India *Training for hospitality industry
[Video 3:] *Assembly training for manufacturing industry
[Video 4:]
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Comment from Keisuke Tanaka, Representative Director of INDIGITAL Co., Ltd. INDIGITAL has been providing cross-border telework and EOR services that allow Japanese companies to remotely hire Indian human resources without establishing a local subsidiary in India, amidst a changing environment in which the declining birthrate and aging population are becoming more serious and the country is short of human resources. We have been working to realize a smooth expansion into India by providing support for the introduction of the system and transferring Indian personnel after establishing a local subsidiary. During this time, I was consulted about human resource development and training issues during the start-up phase of business in India. This time, we hope to be able to help clients with these issues by providing VR consulting and VR training “Beatray” in collaboration with Potlatch, which has a development team in India. I am.
Comment from Potlatch CEO Taiga Kobayashi
Our mission is to support the growth of companies through VR consulting and VR training businesses. The VR training “Beetre” is being developed mainly by a team in India. In May of this year, I met with Mr. Tanaka in Bangalore, and as we were deepening our
understanding of the services and customer issues of both parties, we both realized that this was a solution that could solve the “human resources issues” of “overseas expansion.” We have reached a partnership. As we move forward with Beetle’s expansion into Asia, we believe INDIGITAL’s EOR (which handles all back-office and compliance operations including tax and labor management, as well as the provision of social security to Indian human resources) is an indispensable collaborative service. I am.
About Beetle
Beatle solves the problem of the lack of trainers mentioned above by making on-site training self-learning and remote using VR. (Beatle) can be used on any device (VR headset, desktop, tablet, mobile), and includes self-learning content that new employees can practice alone as many times as they like, and a trainer who can participate remotely to provide explanations. We have both remote training environments available. We keep initial costs low and have a monthly billing system based on the number of users. In addition, with VR consulting, we provide development resources on a monthly basis and are able to run the PDCA cycle as quickly as possible, making it well-received as a lean VR business.
About cross-border telework introduction support services
The cross-border telework introduction support service using EOR (Employer of Record) is a trial employment service for Indian human resources for Japanese companies who want to hire talented human resources from India, and also for companies considering expanding into India in the near future. As a trial expansion service for India, we are used by many small and medium-sized enterprises and startups who want to create a foothold for business in India while reducing costs and risks.
Company name: INDIGITAL Co., Ltd.
English notation: INDIGITAL inc.
Capital: 2,000,000 yen
Established: 2020/November 30, 2020
Head Office: Resona Kudan Building 5F KS Floor, 1-5-6 Kudanminami, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0074
Business content: Business content: Remote software development, support for trial entry into India through introduction of
cross-border telework, trial employment of Indian human resources, support for collaboration, collaboration, and co-creation with Indian companies.
About Potlatch
Potlatch, Inc (Japan branch: Japan XR Center Co., Ltd.)
Establishment date: November 11, 2020
Cumulative funding: Approximately 130 million yen (900,000 USD) Representative Director: Taiga Kobayashi
Japan branch address: Sakuragaoka Front II Skyland Ventures, 16-13 Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0031
Business content: Provision of VR training and VR consulting Developed a VR training platform “Beetre” that allows the customer to edit the manual. It is easy to get started with a monthly fee based on the number of users, and incorporates the latest technology such as voice recognition and facial expression recognition.
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