VTuber production “Aogiri High School” has over 500 million views on its main channel!!

VTuber production “Aogiri High School” has over 500 million views on its main channel!!
50 million views in just one month of August 2023!
VTuber production “Aogiri High School” (operated by viviON Co., Ltd., location: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, representative: Kosaku Akashi) has announced that the total number of views of videos published on the production’s main channel will be 500 million in August 2023. We are pleased to report that we have exceeded the limit.
[Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/89066/158/resize/d89066-158-895c48492f946203c2bd-0.png&s3=89066-158-8cc2e792f5bc743b8c3906fdfd2ab359-1920×1080.png ]
“Aogiri High School/Vtuber High School” https://www.youtube.com/@aogiri1027 The total number of video views on the main channel of “Aogiri High School” exceeded 500 million views in August 2023!
Aogiri High School, which started its activities in October 2018, will celebrate its 5th anniversary this fall.
From April 2023, we will be operated by viviON Co., Ltd., and we will continue to move forward as a production company day by day, strengthening our management system and adding new member Reina Harusame.
Many people have watched our videos and distribution, mainly focusing on [Shorts videos], which have been well-received as “easy to watch and addictive”, and the total number of views on the main channel has finally reached 500 million times. reached.
Among them, in August 2023, it recorded 50 million views per month, and has achieved dramatic growth.
In the future, we will continue to deliver the fun and excitement that is unique to “Aogiri High School” through the main channel, each member’s channel, and activities in various places beyond the channel. Please keep an eye on the activities of “Aogiri High School” in the future! Comments from members and management staff
■Oto Spirit Child
The total number of views has exceeded 500 million! ! thank you very much! ! ! 500 million times…billion is a huge number when you think about it. I started posting videos about five years ago in October, and a lot of people have found and watched them.
There were a lot of videos like this that didn’t get any more views, but if I keep doing this, it’s become commonplace for me to get over 100,000 views…I’m really impressed. Impressed.
Some people go back to the video and wonder if they used to do this kind of thing, and I’m really happy to see that they’re improving all the time! !
It’s unusual for us to be a VTuber, and we upload videos as a group, but we want to continue to deliver videos that our fans will find interesting and have fun with! ! ! !
Aim for 10 billion views! ! ! ! ! !
■Akari Ishikari
Thank you for reaching over 500 million views! !
It’s really amazing to see the numbers showing that so many people watched and were interested!
I think Aogiri High School will continue to grow even bigger. Thank you for your continued support!
■Mashiro Oshiro
Now, while everyone is reading Oshiro’s comments, the number of views on the main channel is increasing rapidly…! ?
Minoru Oshiro has one of my top five favorite videos on the main channel, and it’s a video of me singing with Tamiko-senpai that I released in August of the year before last, but that video hasn’t been viewed at all and still has 32,000 views. What is that?
all! ! ! The shorts are easy to watch and interesting too! ! Don’t miss this opportunity to watch videos that aren’t growing! ! ! 500 million times is just the beginning! Aim for 10 billion total views! ! ■ Yamaguro Ongen
5… 500 million times… 500 million… how long…!? Each human being has watched it at least once…!? ( ˘ω˘ ; )
Sorry, I don’t really feel it, but it’s great…
I’m very happy that you watched everything from the shorts to the videos!!! I think there will be more content coming out in the future, so I hope you enjoy watching it too!!!
And those who are interested in shorts and come to watch the broadcast! ( ˘ω˘ ) Thank you for coming to visit us!!!
I’m doing a lot of things so that you can enjoy streaming, so I’d be very happy if you could comment casually!!!!( ^ω^ )
■Komaru Kurikomaru
everyone! What do you think of when you hear 500 million? population? jumbo? No, it’s not!
The total number of views on Aogiri High School’s official channel has exceeded 500 million times (ノ`・ω・)و
Everyone who supports Aogiri High School on a daily basis! Thank you for watching 500 million times!
If I get seen so much, I won’t be able to walk outside without a mask anymore ~hehe~ But I want to see more! ! !
Thank you for your continued support of Aogiri High School∠( ˙꒳ ˙ )/ ■Chomi Chiyoura
Thank you for the total number of views of 500 million times…! A lot of people have been watching Aogiri High School since last year, and it’s amazing to think that there are already about four times the population of Japan watching it…! ? ! ?
Next year it will be 5 times more! The year after that will be 10 times more! 100 times more in 10 years! ? ?
We will keep getting bigger and bigger so that more people can enjoy it! ! Everyone, please continue to support Aogiri High School! !
■Rieru Gabe
Aogiri High School official channel! Total views exceeded 500 million times! ! ! !
Thank you so much for watching (heart)
It’s amazing that it’s more than twice the population of Japan… I think this is the result of everyone’s support and love for Aogiri High School.
We will continue to work hard together, so thank you for your continued support! ! !
The total number of views of videos on the official channel has exceeded 500 million times!
I thought about how big a number 500 million is.
Japan’s population is a little over 120 million people. If you think about it simply, it means that people in Japan have watched our videos at least four times.
But there are still many people who don’t know about us, right? In fact, that number was only possible because everyone who knows us and supports us is watching us so much! Thank you as always. With over 500 million cheers, Aogiri High School can become even more exciting! I’ll do my best! !
■Harusame Reijo
The total number of views on Aogiri High School’s official YouTube channel has exceeded 500 million times. How many billions is 500 million?
Isn’t that a number that otakus use to exaggerate? That’s easily more than the total population of Japan…? I’m confused because all I can think of is this, but I’m happy! ! congratulations! ! thank you! ! I am deeply grateful to my teachers who always support me with all their might, my seniors whom I have nothing but respect for, and most of all, all the love listeners who support me…I am truly grateful. (Until recently, I was a listener geek at Ichiaogiri High School, so I’m still not used to saying thank you at times like this, so I feel a little embarrassed…)
I’m a newbie and can’t really be relied upon, but I’ll continue to do my best to make Aogiri High School even more popular as a member of everyone’s love! Next, let’s aim for the world population! ! ! ! Aim for 8 billion!
■Management staff
The total number of views on Aogiri High School’s official YouTube channel has exceeded 500 million, and we would like to express our gratitude to all the viewers who support our channel on a daily basis. We hope that this achievement will give the members of Aogiri High School confidence.
Our channel has grown dramatically since we started posting Shorts videos in late November 2021.
This was possible because of the combined efforts of not only the members who appear in the Shorts video, but also the people who operate the rented studio, and the staff who create facial expressions and make various adjustments.
However, we are also aware that the track record we have accumulated through short videos contains many bubble-like elements.
We are not satisfied with the status quo, and all of our staff members will continue to support the production of videos that will please the fans who support Aogiri High School.Although there may be many shortcomings, we look forward to your continued support.
Recommended videos for summer 2023 selected by the management staff of “Aogiri High School”
[Newcomer debut] 3D quality is No. 1 in the industry! ! ! ! ! *Compared to our company [first time in 2 years]
[Video 4: https://prtimes.jp/api/movieim.php?url=www.youtube.com/watch?v=v0eh9-ufEyM] This is the unveiling video of the new member Harusame Reina who made her debut in July.
The group has become even more lively with the appearance of members with sharp attributes that go beyond imagination (!?)!
[Report] It seems that Aogiri High School will be exhibiting at Comiket *Free distribution available [C102]
[Video 5: https://prtimes.jp/api/movieim.php?url=www.youtube.com/watch?v=iLhlmSjY6mA] Midsummer Festival Comic Market 102!
Our members are introducing the original goods sold there.
demand? Please tell me there is… [Aogiri Campus Crossfade] [First original album released! ]
[Video 6: https://prtimes.jp/api/movieim.php?url=www.youtube.com/watch?v=xij0EZ9VrCo] “Aogiri High School”‘s first CD album “Aogiri Campus” is currently accepting reservations at various stores and corporations for general sale on October 25th.
If you are interested, please watch the crossfade video!
VTuber Production Aogiri High School
With the motto “As long as it’s fun, anything is possible!”, we will do our best to carry out activities that everyone can enjoy, so please support us!
[Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/89066/158/resize/d89066-158-bdc4fbade713569e69fe-1.png&s3=89066-158-5ce94c6902b8fcdff35e0d77d230fe14-3260×1261.png ]
Official website: https://aogirihighschool.com/
Affiliated VTubers: Otoreitamako, Akari Ishikari, Mashiro Oshiro, Otogen Yamaguro, Komaru Kurikoma, Chomi Chiyoura, Rieru Gabe, Etora, Harusame Reijo (as of September 2023)
Official YouTube Channel:・Aogiri High School
・Akari Ishikari https://www.youtube.com/@akari0415 ・Mashiro Oshiro https://www.youtube.com/@mashiro0529 ・Ongen Yamaguro
https://www.youtube.com/@nekuro0412 ・Kurikoma Komaru
https://www.youtube.com/@komaru0814・Chomi Chiyoura
https://www.youtube.com/@chiyomi0812・Rieru Gabe
https://www.youtube.com/@rieru0830 //www.youtube.com/@etrachannel ・Harusame Urame https://www.youtube.com/@urame0711
Official SNS:・Aogiri High School https://twitter.com/aogirihs・Otamako https://twitter.com/tamako_aogiri・Akari Ishikari
https://twitter.com/ishikari_akari・Mashiro Oshiro https://twitter. com/oshiro_mashiro・Yamaguro Otogen
https://twitter.com/yamaguro_nekuro・Kurikoma Komaru
https://twitter.com/kurikoma_komaru・Chiyoura Chomi
https://twitter.com/tiyoura_tiyomi・Rieru Gabe https:
//twitter.com/rieru_aogiri・Etra https://twitter.com/etra_ASI ・Harusame Urame https://twitter.com/harusame_urame
Operating company: viviON Co., Ltd. https://vivion.jp/
*The production logo design was updated in August 2023. Please use the new logo when introducing us.
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