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We will start accepting orders for collaboration jewelry with voice synthesis characters “Akane Kotoha and Aoi ” from September 15th! Full details of CHARAZZ SELECT exclusive illustrations also released

HIKE Co., Ltd.
We will start accepting orders for collaboration jewelry with voice synthesis characters “Akane Kotoha and Aoi” from September 15th! CHARAZZ SELECT limited illustrations are also released

“CHARAZZ SELECT” (operated by HIKE Co., Ltd.), which produces and sells carefully selected character goods, will start accepting orders for collaboration jewelry with voice synthesis characters “Akane Kotonoha and Aoi” from Friday, September 15th. We will let you know. In addition, the full picture of illustrations drawn by Yoshitsugi Yoshida, who handles character design, will be unveiled for the first time. The translucent “Kotonoha Akane/Aoi” is depicted smiling while wearing a matching necklace.
[Image 1:×630.jpg] The “Double Ring Necklace”, whose design proposal was decided by official X (former Twitter) user votes, will be sold in two types of lineup: silver and platinum & pink gold. As a bonus for purchasers of the “double ring necklace”, we will send you a “snap-style postcard” using illustrations drawn by Yoshitsugi Yoshida. To commemorate the release, we will also carry out an X (former Twitter) campaign where you can win an “A4 clear poster”.
Please take this opportunity to purchase original goods that can only be obtained at “CHARAZZ SELECT”.
[Table 4: ]
Product line-up
[Table 5: ]
double ring necklace
Inspired by the costumes of “Kotonoha Akane and Aoi”, the design has a large chest decoration. The inside of the ring has the names of Akane and Aoi respectively, and the logo on the back is connected to one when they are placed next to each other.
[Image 2:×630.jpg] jewelry acrylic stand
You can display the actual necklace next to “Kotonoha Akane/Aoi”.
[Image 3:×630.jpg] X (old Twitter) campaign
[Image 4:×630.jpg] A launch commemorative campaign will be held to present “A4 clear poster” to 5 people by lottery.
[Table 6: ]
About Akane and Aoi Kotonoha
A character of voice synthesis software “VOICEROID” and “A.I.VOICE” developed by AI Co., Ltd. (Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo). She is the twin sister of “Akane”, who speaks Kansai dialect, and “Aoi,” who speaks standard Japanese. Official site: X (old Twitter):
CHARAZZ was born from the idea of ​​“I want to create Buzzru x character goods”. In the “CHARAZZ SELECT” that will be launched this time, we will create “goods that will become treasures of a lifetime, and are packed with the appeal of characters beyond the realm of character goods” by digging deeper into fan needs. We will provide users with carefully selected character goods. CHARAZ Official Website:
CHARAZZ Official X (old Twitter): About HIKE Co., Ltd.
[Image 5:×154.png] As an entertainment company that handles all kinds of content centered on IP, such as anime, manga, games, and stage plays, we will rapidly take on new challenges one after another and provide the value of IP not only domestically but globally.
Company name: HIKE Co., Ltd.
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Representative: Masataka Mikami, Representative Director
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