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Webinar held on the theme of “Detecting Signs of Fraud”

Majicemi Co., Ltd.
Webinar held on the theme of “Detecting Signs of Fraud”
Magisemi Co., Ltd. will be holding a webinar on the theme of “Detecting Signs of Fraud.”
[Image:×720.jpg] (Click here for details and application) ■Security measures that are becoming more important As digitalization progresses at an accelerating pace, points of contact with security risks As the number of threats increases, it is becoming more important to take measures against various threats. For example, typical external factors include information leaks due to unauthorized access or malware infection. Along with threats caused by such external factors, countermeasures are required to counter security risks caused by internal factors, such as fraud and human error. In particular, the threat of fraud is ranked fourth in the ranking of threats in the “Top 10 Information Security Threats 2023,” and it can be said that the threat is increasing in importance. ■How to detect signs of fraudulent activity When fraudulent activity occurs, a company may lose its social credibility, or it may have to face financial consequences such as having to compensate business partners for losses. It can be a heavy burden. As a result, this is a major issue that cannot be overlooked, as it may develop into a situation that has a major impact on corporate management itself. However, since fraud is caused by people involved within a company, there are cases where it is difficult to detect, and situations where fraud is inevitably dealt with after the fact. ■MCore’s operation log usage example In this webinar, we will explain MCore’s operation log management that can detect signs of such fraudulent activities and prevent them from occurring. Its features include the ability to manage logs in real time, and the ability to use collected log data effectively because it is possible to instantly search a huge amount of log data using a uniquely developed high-speed search engine. We will provide detailed explanations of examples of how these operation logs have been utilized and analyzed, as well as methods of detecting signs of fraud. This content is especially recommended for those who want to implement comprehensive security measures, including external and internal factors. (Click here for details and to apply) ■Sponsor: Sumitomo Electric Information Systems Co., Ltd.
■Cooperation: Open Source Utilization Research Institute, Ltd. Majisemi Co., Ltd. Majisemi is a We will continue to hold webinars that are “useful to participants.” ★For other webinar applications and videos and materials from past seminars, please check below★ ★If you would like to hold a webinar, please watch this video★ https: //
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