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Weekend Limited Sale Purchase high-performance Android tablets at up to 42% off! Autumn sale!! You can purchase on Amazon for the lowest price of 10,900 yen!

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[Weekend Limited Sale] Purchase high-performance Android tablets at up to 42% off! Autumn sale!! You can purchase on Amazon for the lowest price of 10,900 yen!
Sale period: September 8th (Friday) 23:00!!; Final super sale price: 10,900 yen
High performance Android tablets available on Amazon.
Limited time sale: Regular price 18,900 yen, currently only 10,900 yen! The NPDA AIR tablet has comfortable operability and high performance, making it perfect for students and businessmen!
Click on the link to purchase: Take this opportunity to get the latest high-performance Android tablet at an affordable price! Quantities are limited, so don’t miss out!
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Amazon product link:
Regular price: 18,900 yen
Final super special price: 10,900 yen
Sale period: September 8th (Friday) 23:00!
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About Npad Air basic specifications
[Image 3:× g ]
Npad Air 4GBRAM+64GROM tablet allows you to easily run more apps and store more music, photos, movies, games, etc., and you will never have to worry about running out of memory again. Not only has the capacity increased, but the read and write speeds have also increased. Application installation and launch times, as well as game loading speeds, have been significantly improved. Supports TF card with maximum capacity of 1TB
About the Npad Air screen
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Npad Air Tablet 10 inch large screen, HD IPS screen with resolution 1920*1200, every detail is exquisite and eye-catching. It truly restores the colorfulness of the world and brings you realistic and vivid images. It is also a good choice as an e-book tablet, video tablet, or game tablet. Turn on the system’s built-in eye protection mode, you can watch comfortably even after long periods of use, and your eyes won’t get tired.
About Npad Air CPU performance
[Image 5:× g ]
Npad Air is equipped with a 12nm process quad-core (up to 2.0GHz) high-performance CPU “Unisoc T310”.
With various smooth optimizations and fast response speed, you can easily run various applications and enjoy a variety of popular games. In addition to superior performance, it also optimizes power consumption and extends usage time.
About Npad Air portability
[Image 6: &3=110398-724-CA3A1570FE85C47FC5D837F1 32454-1980×1200.png]
In terms of portability, the NPad Air is only 8.3mm thick, which is thinner than a typical book. At 530g, which is the weight of one bottle of mineral water, it can be carried anytime and anywhere, meeting the mobile needs of users.
It’s also thin and light, so you won’t get tired even if you hold it in your hand for a long time.
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