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What are the advertising expressions that Generation Z “favors” and “advertising expressions that they dis like”? ~Z Research Institute Trend News Vol.21 “Advertisement”~

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What are the advertising expressions that Generation Z “favors” and “advertising expressions that they dislike”? ~Z Research Institute Trend News Vol.21 “Advertisement”~
“Z Research Institute Trend News” approaches the reality of Generation Z through questionnaires and interviews
Z Research Institute, a think tank organization targeting Generation Z (*), conducted an awareness survey regarding advertising targeting Generation Z. *Generation Z generation (young people born after 1995)
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■Survey overview
Survey period: April 7th to April 9th, 2023
Survey method: Internet survey
Survey target: Nationwide, 28 people aged 12-15, 117 aged 16-18, 32 aged 19-22, 10 aged 23-25, 187 in total.
■Survey summary
27.9% liked ads that had a “fashionable or trendy feel”
More than half of Gen Z members check social media and websites when they say they have a positive impression of corporate messages. Generation Z has the impression that they are not good at advertising that arouses anxiety.
[Ads that give a good impression are “feeling fashionable or trendy” (27.9%)]
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When asked in a survey, “Please tell us what messages and advertising expressions sent out by companies that you like,” the top answer was “It has a sense of fashion or trendiness (27.9%),” and “It has a high sense of empathy and “I can understand everything (13.7%)” came in second place. Other rankings included “interesting ideas (13.2%),” “stories (11.5%),” and “humor (10.0%),” indicating that advertisements with strong entertainment elements are viewed favorably. It may be easy.
According to Generation Z who responded to the survey, “Trends and fads are the most eye-catching” (17 years old, 3rd year of high school), “I like things that have a unique world view and the concept of the brand” (17 years old, 3rd year of high school) There was an opinion that
[For companies with a high reputation, check their official SNS and websites]
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When asked in the survey, “What action would you take towards a company that sends out a positive message?”, the most common response was “Go to the official SNS or website (29.4%)”, followed by The result was “Follow official SNS (28.0%)”.
When a company sends out a positive message through advertisements, it seems that many people view the company’s official SNS or homepage, or even follow the company and view the information that the company is continuously sending out. In addition, some respondents said they would “research about the company” (13.2%) because they were curious about what kind of company it is, and some responded that they would actually “purchase the product” (16.9%).
According to Generation Z who responded to the survey, “I often research companies or visit SNS or official websites to see other products and compare them.” (16 years old, 2nd year high school student) ), if they are interested, they look up more detailed information on SNS and websites.
[The number one advertising expression that Generation Z dislikes is “expressions that arouse anxiety”]
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When asked in the survey, “Please tell me about the messages and advertising expressions that companies send out that you don’t like,” the most common response was “expressions that arouse anxiety (20.6%),” followed by “Expressions that encourage complexes” (20.0%), followed by “gender discriminatory expressions (16.7%)” and “imposition on appearance (16.7%)”.
According to Generation Z who responded to the survey, “If something comes up that I don’t like, I don’t react and just ignore it” (16 years old, first year of high school).
[24.4% will not purchase products from companies that send messages that they do not like]
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When asked in the survey, “Please tell me what action you would take against a company that sends messages that you don’t like,” the most common response was “Do nothing in particular (46.5%),” followed by “ “Do not purchase the product (24.4%)” and “Block official SNS (13.8%).” When it comes to companies that send out messages they don’t like, most Gen Zers don’t take any action because they’re not interested in them. We found that there were many negative behaviors such as “blocking official SNS.”
According to the Generation Z respondents who responded to the survey, many of them are disgusted by the forced expressions, saying, “It’s unpleasant to see people forcing their appearance on them” (16 years old, second year of high school).
The results of this survey revealed that advertising expressions that people tend to like are those that are modern, easy to personalize, and have a high level of empathy, and expressions that people dislike are those that excessively arouse an individual’s complexes or anxiety.
In addition, the most common response to companies that use
advertising expressions that they don’t like is “do nothing in particular,” and Gen Z interviewees said, “If something you don’t like comes up, don’t react.” I feel like I got a glimpse of the high level of pass-through skills of Generation Z, who live in an information society, from the answer “I just ignore it.”
▼Note is now publishing interviews with high school girls!
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~Do you have a habit of researching it even if you have no intention of buying it? ~
[Z Research Institute Trend News INTERVIEW Vol.21]
■Company overview
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