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What is human resource development to advance DX? 3 Ways to Improve Literacy We Want in DX Human Resources An online seminar will be held on September 22nd (Friday) by Koji Konishi, director/senior consultant of Cycom Brains.

Cycom Brains Co., Ltd.
[What is human resource development to advance DX? 3 Ways to Improve Literacy We Want in DX Human Resources] An online seminar will be held on September 22nd (Friday) by Koji Konishi, director/senior consultant of Cycom Brains.
The key to promoting DX is human resource development! A detailed explanation of DX human resource development as considered by a training vendor
Cycom Brains Co., Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Tadayasu Nishida), which supports human resource development for companies both domestically and internationally, will be hosting the company’s director/senior consultant, Koji Konishi, on Friday, September 22, 2023. Online seminar “What is human resource development to advance DX?” We will be holding an event called “Three literacies we want from DX talent: Digital” x “Data” x “Business” literacy.”
[Image 1:×317.jpg] “Who”, “what” and “how” should we make them wear it? Is that “why”? Appropriate goal setting based on correct issue recognition will make DX human resource development successful and create a strong organization!
While ChatGPT is a hot topic, the promotion of DX among Japanese companies is polarized, and unfortunately many companies are on the laggard side. The reason for this seems to be a lack of internal human resources to lead DX promotion and delays in training. The reason why it is difficult to develop DX human resources is the high hurdles required for DX human resources, such as being able to understand digital technology, analyze and utilize data, and be familiar with business. Even if you procure specialized human resources from outside the company, you will not be able to attract excellent human resources unless your company has a certain level of DX literacy.
So, what is “DX literacy”?
These are “digital literacy,” “data literacy,” and “business literacy.” However, the required three types of literacy vary depending on which process of DX promotion the person is primarily involved in. In this seminar, while keeping in mind the development of human resources who will be responsible for the upstream processes of DX promotion, we, as a human resources training vendor, will discuss the three types of literacy necessary for DX human resources and specific measures to improve each literacy. We will introduce you to the main points in a short period of time.
If you are worried about DX promotion or want to deepen your understanding of steady DX promotion human resource development, please take this opportunity to participate and use it as a reference for your own organization’s educational measures. We look forward to your participation. *Applications for seminars will be accepted until the day before the seminar date. Please note that applications cannot be accepted on the day of the event. -Seminar
Speaker profile
[Image 2:×120.jpg] -Lecturer- Koji Konishi
Director/Senior Consultant, Cycom Brains Co., Ltd. Graduated from the Faculty of Letters, Kobe University, and holds an MBA from the Nagoya University of Commerce Graduate School. Small and medium business consultant. Previously, he worked at a consulting firm for an automobile manufacturer, supporting management reforms at affiliated dealers. Involved in a wide range of support services such as increasing sales volume, expanding profits, getting out of deficit management, and training successors. Joined Cycom Brains in 2013. I focus on developing and providing training programs that improve the performance of client companies and “invigorate employees”, and my greatest motivation is to experience how people and organizations change for the better. Born in Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture, his hobbies include watching movies and driving cars. I go on a 10-day solo trip once a year.
How to develop DX human resources – Improving the three literacy of “digital” x “data” x “business” – Event overview
-Psychom Brains Online Seminar-
What is human resource development to advance DX?
Three literacies we want from DX talent – “Digital” x “Data” x “Business” – Date and time: Friday, September 22, 2023, 12:15-13:00 *Japan time, held on Zoom Webinar , Participation fee is free ・Target participants: Persons in charge of human resources and training For those in the DX promotion department
Business department managers/managers *We apologize for the
inconvenience, but we kindly ask that you refrain from applying from other companies in the same industry.・Details
About Cycom Brains Since its founding in 1986, Cicom Brains Co., Ltd. has supported corporate human resource development as a pioneer in adult education, including sales training and global human resource development. Over the past 10 years, we have trained over 300,000 people at approximately 600 companies, and support human resource development in Asia both domestically and internationally from our bases in Tokyo and Thailand.
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