What is the reality of higher brain dysfunction? A talk event between Daisuke Suzuki and Sakiko Inoue will be held!

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What is the reality of higher brain dysfunction? A talk event between Daisuke Suzuki and Sakiko Inoue will be held!
The Executive Committee for Aligning Minds in the Town of Books (Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Public Goods Promotion Organization, Joint Publishing, Book House Café) held a meeting at the Book House Cafe on September 21st titled “Aligning Minds in the City of Books.” We will be holding the 1st episode, “The reality of Mr. Suzuki’s brain-injured family: Higher brain dysfunction seen from the perspective of those affected and their families.”
[Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/85859/90/resize/d85859-90-4ac7be27b5876c7b0573-0.jpg&s3=85859-90-744bb1bddc48f6c0b10f31558946aac0-3900×2723.jpg] The talk event “Aligning our minds in the book town” was published jointly with the Common Goods Promotion Organization, with the aim of thinking about creating a society where people can live together regardless of disability, age, or gender from the book town of Jimbocho. It started in 2020 with co-sponsorship. Each time, we select one related book and invite the author/person concerned to hold a talk event in the form of a lecture, discussion, discussion, or roundtable. From this time onwards, the event will be held at the picture book specialty store “Book House Cafe” in Jimbocho.
The theme of the first session was “Higher Brain Dysfunction”. “I live with this brain. We welcomed Daisuke Suzuki, author of “Mr. Suzuki with Brain Injury, Completely Disappeared Today”, and manga artist Sakiko Inoue, and Mr. Suzuki asked us about the difficulties people face in daily life when they suffer from brain injury or higher brain dysfunction. We will talk from the perspective of those involved, and how it is often misunderstood. Ms. Inoue will talk about the difficulties of supporting families from the perspective of families affected by higher brain dysfunction. I would like to use this book as a place to think together about how this book can alleviate the difficulties of family support and what the guidelines for solving it are.
The reality of Suzuki’s brain-injured family – Higher brain
dysfunction as seen by the people involved and their families [Held simultaneously in stores/online]★Missed broadcast possible■Date and time: Thursday, September 21, 2023, 18:30-20:00 ( Doors open at 18:00) ■Speaker: Daisuke Suzuki (author), Sakiko Inoue (manga artist) ■Participation fee: 1,000 yen ■Target: Junior high school students to adults ■Capacity: First 50 people (online unlimited) ■Location: Book House Cafe 2F Hifumi https://bookhousecafe.jp/#top-access
■Co-sponsored by: Executive Committee to Align Minds in the City of Books
(Public Interest Incorporated Foundation, Common Goods Promotion Organization, Joint Publishing, Book House Cafe)
Daisuke Suzuki (Suzuki Daisuke)
[Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/85859/90/resize/d85859-90-973d6e4c6ee9faeb506b-3.jpg&s3=85859-90-0dffba12297b207a013cb3555ca87d6a-1264×1410.jpg] She was a reportage writer whose representative works include “The Poverty Girl” (Gentosha), which focuses on poverty issues among children, women, and young people, but in 2015 she suffered a cerebral infarction. After that, he wrote “Brain is Broken” and “Brain Recovered” (both published by Shinchosha), which are stories about his own battle with higher brain dysfunction, and “But I Love You,” which depicts a couple’s acceptance of disability. Kodansha), and received the Japan Medical Journalists Association Award Grand Prize for his guidebook for general support workers, “Guide to Supporting the Brain-Afraid” (Igaku Shoin).
Sakiko Inoue
[Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/i/85859/90/resize/d85859-90-fb823ef64dd7d3177343-2.jpg&s3=85859-90-892f36934caf580147f750affa46eab5-1311×1410.jpg] An irresistible manga artist who loves puns and alcohol. His works include “Why Can’t We Break Up?” (Akita Shoten), which depicts his daily life with a partner who has higher brain dysfunction.
[Image 4: https://prtimes.jp/i/85859/90/resize/d85859-90-66cb19c92cb0b434fbf3-1.jpg&s3=85859-90-52aaf5dcab9e5de092cd31824a751b59-1909×2700.jpg]

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