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Winlight Co., Ltd. “Jannabi Mahjong Online” subjugation event “Autumn Famous Trees Autumn Leaves” held & latest gacha sales started

Winlight Co., Ltd.
“Jannabi Mahjong Online” subjugation event “Autumn Famous Trees Autumn Leaves” held & latest gacha sales started
Form a subjugation team with your friends and defeat enemy characters with mahjong! The latest items with event effects that can advance the event advantageously are now on sale!
From Monday, September 25, 2023, we will start selling the latest events and items with the theme “Autumn Japanese Clothing” on the online mahjong app “Jannabi Mahjong Online” for Android/iOS/Switch/PC.
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Subjugation event “Autumn Famous Trees Autumn Leaves” is being held! We will be holding a subjugation event with the theme “Autumn Kimono”, “Autumn Famous Trees’ Autumn Leaves”, where you will team up with four friends. Entries for this event will be accepted from 15:00 on Monday, September 25th. During the entry period, when a friend joins your team, you will receive an item “Fighting Tile Jewel +300%” that will give you an advantage in the event! Furthermore, in this subjugation event, a new application right, “Right to Break Event Effect Limits”, will be available, along with the right to create event effect items and the right to create original titles! You can further increase the event effect of avatar items, up to 100%! Please take this opportunity to participate in the event.
Event schedule
Entry acceptance period
September 25th (Monday) 15:00 – September 27th (Wednesday)
Event period
September 27th (Wednesday) 18:00 – October 5th (Thursday)
Latest My Character Gacha now on sale!
[Image 2:×276.png ]
My character gacha
In addition, the latest My Character Gacha “Autumn Night with Shining Autumn Leaves” linked to the same event will be on sale from 17:00 on Monday, September 25th. In addition, with all-point event effects, the event points you earn will greatly increase, and the event “Autumn Famous Trees and Leaves” will proceed at an advantage!
What is my character?
[Image 3:×212.png ]
What is my character?
This is your avatar character that is displayed on your My Page and during games. You can freely change it with your own character items. What is My Character? My character items with event effects are special My Character items that have the effect of giving you a lot of event points during the event. Recommended for people who participate in events and play a lot!
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[Image 4:×206.jpg] ■What is Jannabi? “Jannabi Mahjong Online” is celebrating its 19th anniversary this year and is an online mahjong community game that can be played on various platforms and devices. *Please check the “Jannabi Mahjong Online” official website for details.
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