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X-CON LLC Audition documentary program “GIRLS HERO” The signal song performed by Masatoshi Mashima of The Cro-Magnons has been released

Audition documentary program “GIRLS HERO” Signal song performed by Masatoshi Mashima of The Cro-Magnons released
Broadcasting of the audition documentary program “GIRLS HERO” for the debut of the new generation girl group “NEON-X” will start on ABEMA on Wednesday, October 25, 2023 at 22:00. We would like to announce that Masatoshi Mashima (G) of The Cro-Magnons was in charge of writing and composing the signal song “BABY CHAOS” for this program. “GIRLS HERO” is an audition documentary program about “NEON-X” candidates who aim to perform at the new era cross-culture music festival “X-CON” which will be held for the first time in December of this year. “NEON-X” is based on the concept of “hyper gacha pop” that creates crossovers between music, borders, genres, and dimensions. Eight people with different backgrounds competed to become the official members: Hirota Aika, Koiro Miyashita, Mori Kokoha, Akenaga Sawa, Ishita Juri, Kushiya Nonoka, Hirai Momoka, and Yua Tsutsui. We will take on a fierce challenge. It has been decided that the members selected through all six programs will perform their first live performance at “X-CON” to be held at Makuhari Messe. The signal song “BABY CHAOS” that they sing on the program was written and composed by Masatoshi Mashima, and arranged by TeddyLoid and Takashi Asano. Teaser videos using the signal song are available on YouTube and ABEMA. Also, from today, September 25th, a huge signboard of “GIRLS HERO” has been installed in Shibuya. The visuals for the signboard were shot by Leslie Kee, and the art direction was by Shintaro Kira. Teaser URL ■ “GIRLS HERO” (6 episodes in total) ABEMA exclusive broadcast overview
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[Image 2:×1817.jpg] (C) GIRLS HERO PROJECT -Broadcast date and time & program
URL-Broadcast date and time: October 25, 2023 (Wednesday) 22:00- (broadcast every Wednesday from 22:00) Broadcast channel: ABEMA SPECIAL channel Program viewing URL: https:
// Program official website: Program official X (Twitter): Program official Instagram: https:// Official TikTok of the show: Hashtag: #Garuhiro Cast: Aika Hirota, Koiro Miyashita, Kokoha Mori, Sawa Akenaga, Juri Ishita , Nonoka Kushiya, Momoka Hirai, Your Tsutsui *You can enjoy it for free for one year after broadcast.

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