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Yatsugi_HAKKEI “Junmai” and “Honjozo” of the 50-year-aged Japanese sake “Yatsugi” are now available for sale online only.

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“Junmai” and “Honjozo” versions of the 50-year-aged Japanese sake “Yatsugi” are now available exclusively online.
We have started online limited sales of “Yatsugi Toki 50 Junmai” and “Yatsugi Toki 50 Honjozo”, which will celebrate 50 years of aging in 2023. The release in March of this year was well received, and the second period will be on sale.
“Hakkei” is a brand that strives for long-term aging of Japanese sake, and its “Yatsugi Toki 50 Junmai” and “Yatsugi Toki 50 Honjozo” will celebrate 50 years of aging in 2023.
The quality of the sake is “Junmai” and “Honjozo,” and the price for both is 250,000 yen (excluding tax). The manufacturer is Sawanotsuru Co., Ltd., which has been brewing traditional sake for over 300 years in Nada, a sake brewery.
“Yatsugi” is a rare aged sake that celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2023, with the concept of traveling through time.
[Image 1:×2600.jpg] 50 year long aged sake
Domestic shipments of sake reached its peak in 1973 (Showa 48), reaching 1.77 million liters. From the following year, the shipment of sake began to decline, and in 2020 it had decreased by about 1/4 to 410,000 liters.
The preparation for “Yatsugi” took place in 1973, the year when it was at its peak.
This was a time when sake was the most popular drink and the more it was made nationwide, the more alcohol it sold. There was a sake brewer who discovered the value of aged sake and chose to age it.
Aging progresses quietly in a low-temperature-controlled storage room, and we regularly check the taste and condition and watch for changes over time. In the sake industry, where sake is usually considered old after three years or more, the sake stored in this warehouse has survived the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake of 1995 and has been passed down to the next generation of brewers and the next generation. .
And now, “Yatsugi” is beautifully clear, and the taste has been further refined over the past few years, to a state that transcends the original taste of Japanese sake.
As long as it remains in storage, it will continue to mature, so the taste of 50-year-aged wine can only be experienced now in 2023. In order to continue to pass down the aging process, we will not take everything out of the warehouse at once, but instead will sell it for a limited time and in limited quantities.
[Image 2:×2700.jpg] “Yatsugi” is an attempt to bring the deliciousness of long-term aging and the new value of “time” to sake. It has been passed down by many makers over the years, and should continue to be passed on to the next generation as an important asset. We hope that we ourselves can understand its rarity and value and be able to properly deliver that value to the people who deserve it.
It was a discovery that I would not have come across unless I had actually spent some time with it. And its taste is still being refined as it ages.
A taste that has traveled through time and was cultivated in deep silence. A feeling that has been protected and passed down through generations. Now, that joy is in full bloom and will continue to spread throughout the ages. Entrusted with this earnest wish, the sake that has been around for 50 years has been named “Yatsugi”.
[Image 3:×2700.jpg] “Yatsugi” is produced by “HAKKEI”, which is also the brand name, and we will continue to develop a series of aged sake in the future. ■Product specifications
Product name: “Yatsugi Toki 50 Junmai”
Age: 50 years
Manufacturer: Sawanotsuru (Hyogo)
Contents: 720ml
Price: 250,000 yen (excluding tax)
Product name: “Yatsugi Toki 50 Honjozo”
Age: 50 years
Manufacturer: Sawanotsuru (Hyogo)
Contents: 720ml
Price: 250,000 yen (excluding tax)
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