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ZIPPO makes you feel close to Fairlady Z. Start of handling

Faith Co., Ltd.
ZIPPO makes you feel close to Fairlady Z. Start of handling
This is a licensed product officially approved by Nissan Motors. ……
・Started handling ZIPPO Nissan series
・The famous car Fairlady Z S30 is now available
Faith Co., Ltd., which handles Norimono miscellaneous goods, has started handling the Nissan Fairlady Z S30.
This is Zippo from Nissan, a world-renowned Japanese car.
Officially licensed product of Nissan Motors.
Product introduction page:
The world-famous Japanese sports car “Fairlady Z”. The distinctive image of the car body from the front to the headlights is heavily embossed.
On the back side, the silhouette of the car and the details of the car body are carved out, making it a Zippo that lets you feel the Fairlady Z S30 to its fullest.
In recent years, Zippo has become popular not only among smokers, but also for outdoor use and as a disaster prevention item.
Please find your favorite.
Made in USA.
[Image 1: &s3=40971-371-03F39E2D40F2D40F2D40FBD160 c27-1500×1500.jpg]
[Image 2:×1500.jpg]
[Image 3:×1500.jpg]
[Image 4:×1500.jpg]
[Image 5:×1500.jpg]
[Image 6:×1500.jpg]
[Image 7:×1354.jpg]
[Image 8:×1000.jpg]
[Image 9:×700.jpg] ZP FAIRLADY Z (S30)
S30 (1969-1978) Bearing the name “Z” meaning “ultimate/unknown quantity”, it debuted as a fast and inexpensive mass-produced sports car. With its beautiful long-nose, short-deck body, high performance and comfort, it became an explosive hit in America with the nickname “Zeeker.” A masterpiece that has carved out a shining history in the world’s automotive history.
[Image 10:×800.jpg]
[Image 11:×600.jpg] The design features the characteristic “eyes” and “long nose/short deck” body style of past Fairlady Z’s. Careful silver &
black/masking/double plating finish so you can see even the smallest details.
The serial number is ***/1969 (the year of Fairlady Z’s birth).The year of production of this model is also engraved in the specs, and the finish is suitable for a limited edition product with faithful attention to detail. Highly recommended as a gift. ■Color: Silver ■Specifications: Regular base/Double-sided etching processing/Silver Ibushimirror finish/Silver & black masking double plating/Limited serial number included ■Accessories: ZIPPO official warranty/exclusive package ■Note: Serial number specification This is not possible. The photo is an example, so the serial number may vary.

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Seller company name: Faith Co., Ltd. Address: 2-38 Kitayasuda Nishi, Hakusan City, Ishikawa Prefecture Inquiry: 076-287-6593 Email: Reception hours: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. (Saturdays, (Excluding Sundays and holidays) HP:
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