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En-Broker Co., Ltd. Make advertising extremely accessible to small and medium-sized businesses! Media matching platform “MediAge” that brings together optimal plans is released today.

En-Broker Co., Ltd.
Make advertising extremely accessible to small and medium-sized businesses! Media matching platform “MediAge” that brings together optimal plans is released today.
Launch commemorative campaign where initial cost and monthly usage fee are free ……
En-Broker Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Nagisa Takaku, hereinafter referred to as the Company) announced today, Tuesday, October 17, 2023, that promotion staff of small and medium-sized enterprises will We have released the official version of “MediAge,” a media matching platform that allows you to search, compare, collect plans, and place orders in one stop. In addition, to commemorate the release, we will start a campaign from today where the initial cost and monthly usage fee will be waived.
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What is “MediAge”?
This is a media matching platform that enables small and medium-sized businesses to find the most suitable advertising medium more easily. We receive proposals from all genres of domestic media (TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, OOH, Web) (approximately 150 registered at the moment), and we can do everything from comparison, ordering, and effectiveness measurement all at once. It will be possible to efficiently carry out new branding and promotion through connections with media that you could not have met before.
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There are many advertising media in the world, and the market is expected to become more diversified in the future, but media information is managed vertically by each advertising agency and by genre, such as TV, newspapers, and the Web. is the basis. As a result, information on the characteristics and ordering of each media is scattered, and there are many cases where the price market is not visualized and the appropriate price is unclear. It continues to be difficult to find. Additionally, media that requires small-lot order prices for advertising agencies is not sufficiently proposed to advertisers, and the media is not able to demonstrate its true value and is left unused.
The media matching platform “MediAge” changes the traditional advertising distribution system and allows all companies to choose the means of disseminating information that suits their goals, thereby expanding the advertising market and revitalizing Japan as a whole. We aim to contribute to the
■“MediAge” product overview
Name: MediAge (pronunciation: MediAge)
Provision form: Web service (can be used from either a web browser or smartphone)
Membership registration target: Corporations only (three types: advertiser members, agency members, and media members)
Usage fee: Free (only during the release commemorative campaign period. Media members will be charged a closing fee)
Site URL: (For advertisers/agency members) (For media members) ■Features of “MediAge”
1. Media “comes together”
Media of all genres in Japan (TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, OOH, Web) are registered with MediAge (currently about 150 registrations). In addition to the screening system for member media, the reliability of registered information is also verified by the secretariat, so we have a large selection of high-quality media. By simply registering the terms of the promotion you want to carry out in your company, proposals will be automatically collected from the media side according to the purpose and issue regardless of genre, making it easy for even those in charge who are unfamiliar with advertising to make a selection.
2. You can choose your media plan
MediAge stores and manages media information in a unified format across genres. We have created a database of approximately 40 unique questions to help you understand and evaluate the strengths of each media from multiple perspectives. You can compare and select the media plan that suits you.
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3. “Connects” to the next measure
By unifying the reports submitted by media after advertising is published in a common MediAge format, it becomes easier to compare the effects of different media and extract insights that can lead to improvement of measures by analyzing past data. (Currently only available on web media)
About the advertising market
In 2021, two figures have been released that show how much of people’s disposable time is spent on the internet. The first is that “the smartphone penetration rate in Japan has exceeded 90%,” and the second is that “Internet advertising expenditures have exceeded the total annual advertising expenditures of mass media.”
As there are countless web services and applications on the Internet, and the number continues to increase, people’s disposable time, which used to be concentrated in mass media, is becoming increasingly decentralized. Against this background, media is becoming increasingly fragmented and long-tailed, and advertising strategies for companies that want to deliver information are becoming increasingly complex. If you are a major company with ample budget, it is possible to place advertisements covering all media types. However, the number of major companies in Japan is only about 0.3%, and 99.7% of the companies in Japan are small and medium-sized enterprises. In other words, there are only a limited number of places that can do everything. Most companies need to choose from among a large number of media the most appropriate medium to efficiently deliver information to the people they want to reach, but this is difficult for small and medium-sized enterprises. There are three.
■“Three things” in the marketing field for small and medium-sized businesses 1. No marketing/advertisement staff
2. Lack of knowledge about advertising and media
3. Not being able to find a good agency representative
Against this background, MediAge was developed to solve the problems faced by small and medium-sized businesses, such as “not being able to do anything” and “advertising to media that just happened to sell.” In order to realize the “democratization of media planning,” where all companies can easily receive proposals tailored to their objectives and issues from the media without information disparity, and choose the most suitable plan, we will improve the structure of the advertising market. We will face the challenges and move forward with our business.
Future prospects
Approximately 150 media outlets sympathized with MediAge’s concept and registered it even before its release, and we are gradually expanding the number of registered media across media genres. In the future, we will not only increase the number of media, but also prioritize the expansion of media that can efficiently approach targets in more niche areas, such as specialized media specialized in specific regions and industries.
In addition, while reflecting user feedback, we will be strengthening our product and customer success mainly from the following
perspectives over the past three months.
■Improvement and expansion of product functions
・Enhanced search function (improved keyword search function, added search items) ・Addition of an “article page” that allows you to understand the strengths and latest trends of each media more easily
■Strengthening customer success system
・Concierge service that selects the optimal plan from multiple media plans ・Dedicated support service that supports communication with the media after placing an order and project progress management for advertising placement.
En-Broker Co., Ltd. Representative Director Nagisa Takahisa Comments/Profile “My family has been running small and medium-sized businesses for generations, and although there are various advertising media in the world, information is not open and I don’t know where to go for advice, so I was wondering how to promote. When we came up with the idea for this project, we interviewed 50 media companies with excellent planning and editing capabilities, and found that they wanted to approach a more diverse range of advertisers regardless of size or region. However, we learned that there is a common problem that is difficult to realize due to problems with sales costs, and from there we have been preparing to give form to a product.MediAge is a new media genre and resistance when posting ads. We aim to provide a service that helps all companies diversify their marketing methods by reducing the impact of marketing.Please take advantage of this service.”
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Graduated from Keio University Faculty of Law, Department of Political Science. At Accenture K.K./Deloitte Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting LLC, he mainly engaged in business strategy planning and M&A consideration support for high-tech industries. After that, he worked as an account salesperson at SAP Japan, leading sales activities aimed at realizing customers’ DX and CX. En-Broker Co., Ltd. was established in October 2021. In April 2023, we were selected as a company selected for the 7th acceleration of the Japan Startup Support Association (JSSA). ■Company overview
Company name: En-Broker Co., Ltd. (pronunciation: En-Broker) Address: Escort Azabujuban 907, 3-14-3 Azabujuban, Minato-ku, Tokyo Established: October 2021
Business content: Development and operation of media matching platform “MediAge” HP:
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