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Motorcycle cushion with built-in gel “EFEX Gelzab Series” wins “2023 Good Design Award”

Proto Co., Ltd.
Motorcycle cushion with built-in gel “EFEX Gelzab Series” wins “2023 Good Design Award”
“Gelzab” motorcycle cushion with built-in gel that allows you to “go further”
The Effex Gelzab series of motorcycle seat cushions sold by Proto Co., Ltd. (Head office: 5 Sakurajima, Igaya-cho, Kariya City, Aichi Prefecture, Representative: Yoshimitsu Kondo, hereinafter referred to as Proto) has been awarded the 2023 Good Design Award (Sponsor: Public Interest Incorporated Foundation) We are pleased to announce that we have received an award from the Japan Institute of Design Promotion. Web page
[Image 1:×1200.jpg] [Proto’s thoughts and efforts towards motorcycle cushions that make motorcycle touring more comfortable]
When touring on a motorcycle, sitting for long periods of time puts pressure on the blood vessels in your buttocks, causing pain. By distributing and relieving this pressure with the Gel Zabu, a motorcycle seat cushion with built-in gel, you can enjoy comfortable touring even further.
[Image 2:×1000.jpg] [Points of award]
1. Uses EXGEL, which has high shock absorption properties, to disperse sitting pressure during touring and improve pain and fatigue caused by poor blood circulation.
2. By using EXGEL, it has high shock absorption ability, which enables a thin design and ensures easy footing when stopped.
3. EXGEL also reduces slight vibrations from the vehicle body. Increase comfort. [Judging committee evaluation (source: Good Design Award official website)] By attaching it to the seat of a motorcycle, it disperses body pressure when seated, reducing fatigue based on scientific evidence. By using a medical-grade gel-like material, it achieves functionality while keeping its thickness low, making it possible to adapt to a wide range of vehicle models without hindering the footing when stopped. We offer a wide range of product lineups, including highly versatile products, vehicle-specific products, and built-in products, allowing users to select products according to their preferences and uses. I would also like to highly praise his continued attitude.
[Image 3:×1000.jpg] [Reason/Background of the design]
We searched for a material that had sufficient cushioning properties even though it was thin, and arrived at EXGEL, which is also used for medical purposes. This material is a special flexible rubber that has both conventional rubber (shape recovery) and gel (fluidity). It has 5 to 10 times more shock absorption power than urethane foam, etc., and slowly sinks under the load, envelops it, and slowly recovers. This disperses the pressure on your buttocks and improves blood flow, which is the cause of butt pain. Furthermore, EXGEL also reduces slight vibrations from the vehicle body, improving comfort at the same time. In addition, since gel alone gives a squishy sitting comfort, after thousands of kilometers of riding tests, we decided to combine it with urethane to find the right balance of firmness and cushioning, creating the perfect sitting comfort for motorcycle riding. I’m here. Gelzab is a general-purpose type in order to be compatible with more car models, and it is also available in two types: a wrap-around type and an inner type that can be put inside, considering that it can be removed and used.
[Image 4:×639.jpg] [Past results]
When it was first released in 2007, the first-generation Gelzab was a general-purpose type (wrapped/
It was released as two types (inner type). Currently, it has evolved into Gelzab R (also compatible with the latest sports models) with better fit and exterior design. In addition, we have increased the number of variations to Gelzab D (for off-road models), Gelzab C (vehicle specific cover type), and Gelzab S/SS (seat inner type), and the cumulative sales have exceeded 130,000 copies. It is used by users who have.
[Image 5:×1117.jpg] ■What is Effex?
I think that all motorcyclists want to adjust the position of their motorcycle to suit them, just as they would with a car. However, in the case of motorcycles, it is also true that position has a large effect on maneuverability. Effex started the “Effex” series of position improvement items in 2005 based on the concept of “minimum, maximum effect”, and has been creating high-quality products that can be felt for effectiveness. By utilizing the original design concept of the car body and changing some parts to Effex products, it is possible to pursue a more ideal position. In 2007, as one of the products in the “EFEX” series of position improvement items, we began selling GELZAB, a bike seat cushion with a built-in gel that allows you to go “further away” for long-distance touring.
[Image 6:×1000.jpg] ■Product introduction URL Promotion video (YouTube/Proto Touring Department channel)
[Video 2:] ■Good Design Award 2023 details page
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