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Pure cafes from all over the world will gather at Hanshin Department Store in Osaka!

Hankyu Hanshin Department Store Co., Ltd.
Pure cafes from all over the world will gather at Hanshin Department Store in Osaka!
Rina Namba, who has visited over 2,000 pure cafes, has selected her favorite pure cafes from all over the country.
■Hanshin Umeda Main Store 1st floor Food Festival Terrace “Jun Cafe Hanshin vol.3”
■November 8th (Wednesday) → November 13th (Monday)
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[Image 1:×487.jpg] Sweet and sad memories of youth are with a good old coffee shop. The usual restaurant, the usual seats. The days when we laughed together innocently while being surrounded by the aroma of coffee, saying things like “Which record do you like?” or “I like hardened pudding.” The cream soda I drank with it was sweet, refreshing, and somewhat ephemeral. The place where I wished time would stop still welcomes me with its same appearance. Think back to the memories of that day, more beautiful than any movie. Forever, a coffee shop that you will love forever.
Pure cafe recommended by Rina Namba ~ Limited edition ~
I have visited over 2,000 pure cafes so far! Rina Namba, the second-generation director of the fictitious research institute “Tokyo Cafe Research Institute,” has selected her favorite pure cafes from all over the country. Please check the stores that will open on a rotating basis.
[Image 2:×551.jpg] Kyoto “Cafe Soiree”
Jelly punch (1 serving) 935 yen
November 8th (Wednesday) → 10th (Friday) Limited store opening *Fruit toppings are subject to change.
“Soiree” means “evening party” in French. Blue light surrounds the store, creating a dreamy space. Jelly punch is made using a recipe that hasn’t changed for about 50 years, and contrary to its colorful appearance, it has a subtly sweet and mature taste.
[Image 3:×324.jpg] Kyoto “Coffee Shop Unzen”
Coffee and pancake set (1 serving) 1,320 yen
November 11th (Saturday) → 13th (Monday) Limited store opening Founded in 1935, when cafe culture began to sprout in Kyoto. You can feel the store’s history in every detail, such as the slightly low tables, leather sofas, and wooden shelves lined with old records. Please take a look at our coffee, which we roast in-house using a roasting machine that has been in use since our founding, and our pancakes, which are proud of their chewy and fluffy texture and are made mainly from domestic ingredients.
[Image 4:×417.jpg] Nagano/Matsumoto “Coffee Aesthetics Abe”
Mocha Cream Ole (1 cup) 900 yen
Limited store opening on Wednesday, November 8th and Thursday, November 9th The story begins in 1957 in a small coffee shop opened by the previous couple. A shop that is leading the coffee shop culture in the castle town of Matsumoto will be serving its signature mocha cream ole. Please also pay attention to the owner’s technique of pouring coffee and milk over the mocha ice cream.
[Image 5:×512.jpg] Kyoto “Marine”
Soda parfait (1 serving) 1,300 yen each [150 planned sales each day] Limited store opening on Friday, November 10th and Saturday, November 11th Upholstered walls, large round windows, and shell-shaped lamps. Surrounded by decorations that have remained since its founding in 1973, this pure cafe will make you feel as if you have transcended time and space. The “soda parfait” is a combination of cream soda and parfait, and you can choose from ramune-flavored blue, melon-flavored green, or peach-flavored pink.
[Image 6:×327.jpg] Jimbocho, Tokyo “Sabouru”
Cream soda (1 serving) 750 yen each [Scheduled number of sales each day: 30 each]
Strawberry milk (1 serving) 750 yen [30 planned sales each day] Limited store opening on November 12th (Sunday) and 13th (Monday) “Sabouru” has been loved for over 60 years in the book town of Jimbocho, Tokyo. This shop has a chaotic worldview, with totem poles, red dial telephones, graffiti and folk art all over the walls. The famous cream soda featured in the picture book “Nanairo no Cream Soda” written by presenter Rina Namba and set in “Sabouru” will be featured. In addition to the standard melon, strawberry, blue Hawaii, and lemon flavors, we also offer orange, grape, and Calpis.
Pure cafe recommended by Rina Namba ~Daily opening edition~
We feature pure cafes from Namba-san’s purveyors that open every day during the period. There are many wonderful shops that you will want to visit over and over again.
[Image 7:×329.jpg] Osaka Higashi Umeda “Cafe Sunshine”
Sunshine Blend (1 cup) 601 yen
Cafe Sunshine Special Beef Curry (1 serving) 1,375 yen
An urban oasis with a Showa-era feel, with a copper plate ceiling and shades that emit orange light. The shop is run by the master, Mitsuo Hashizaki, and his son Taku, who has won prizes in hand-drip coffee contests. Their signature menu item is the rich yet crisp Sunshine Blend. We also recommend the special beef curry made with Kuroge Wagyu beef and home-roasted coffee as a secret ingredient.
[Image 8:×330.jpg] Osaka/Namba “Arabia Coffee”
Blended coffee (1 cup) 550 yen
Homemade pudding (1 serving) 800 yen
A representative pure coffee shop in Namba, Osaka, which has been in business for 72 years. The interior of the store, which has a long wooden counter, is filled with warmth and is filled with carved wooden menus and objects created by the previous master, Mitsuaki Kosaka. We have been particular about roasting our coffee in-house since our founding, and our second-generation master, Mr. Akiro, changes the roasting method depending on the season and continues to pursue even greater deliciousness. The pudding made by his wife, Kumiko, is firm and has many fans.
[Image 9:×331.jpg] Kyoto “Maeda Coffee”
Special Blend Ryunosuke (1 cup) 550 yen for eat-in, 540 yen for take-out / (200g beans) 1,350 yen
A well-known coffee shop that has been loved by the people of Kyoto for half a century. “Special Blend Ryunosuke”, which has a mild bitterness and a slight sourness, is the most popular flavor at the store. With its mild yet firm body, this cup has captivated many coffee lovers.
If you go here, you can enjoy a cafe! Pure cafe in Kansai
Famous Kansai restaurants loved by cafe enthusiasts will be featured.
[Image 10:× g ]
Kyoto “Ichikawaya Coffee”
Ichikawaya Blend (1 cup) 550 yen
Fruit sandwich (full size/1 serving) 1,401 yen, (half size/1 serving) 721 yen *Full size for dine-in and half size for takeout.
Master Yosuke Ichikawa, whose grandfather, father, and older brother were all Shimizu ware makers, opened his shop in 2015 in a remodeled 200-year-old townhouse that was his grandfather’s workshop. Depending on the type of drink, he uses different Kiyomizu-yaki vessels made by his father and older brother to serve the drink. There is a large roasting machine in the 14m atrium, which used to be the kitchen, and the aroma of the beans fills the entire store. The fruit sandwich, which has been popular since its founding, has become a signature menu item where you can enjoy a “once-in-a-lifetime encounter” as the combination of fruits, cutting methods, and bowls change depending on the season.
[Image 11:×332.jpg ]
Osaka/Kawachi Yamamoto “Z-Roku”
Ice Monaka