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Teads and Ipsos jointly announce research on winning patterns for car advertising campaigns using AI

Teads and Ipsos jointly announce research on winning patterns for car advertising campaigns using AI
Revealing the theory of omnichannel automotive advertising campaigns that achieve high engagement
・In order to succeed in accurate storytelling in digital advertising, clear messaging, brand clarification (differentiation), and
connections between each element, such as creative size and subject matter, are important.
*This press release is an abridged translation of the English version. Today, Teads announced the results of a joint study with Ipsos* focused on the creative needed to maximize advertising effectiveness in omnichannel automotive advertising campaigns.
Leveraging Ipsos’ cutting-edge AI and advanced statistical modeling technology, Teads uncovers optimization insights that have a huge impact on the automotive industry’s creative production and maximizing impact.
*Ipsos: A global research company headquartered in Paris that provides research in 90 countries around the world.
The data analyzed 500 video creatives covering the digital marketing funnels of 18 car brands across 23 countries from 2019 to 2022. By comparing a group of video creatives that were optimized using Teads Studio’s latest technology and a group that was not, the strengths and influence of each became clear.
Based on data such as advertisers’ KPIs and viewing time, Ipsos uses its proprietary knowledge and AI capabilities to analyze patterns and trends in campaigns.
The purpose of this study was to identify, classify, and quantify the key elements present in successful omnichannel automotive campaigns, using statistical analysis using the Shapley value technique* based on game theory. By using these methods, we found that each characteristic has an impact on media outcomes, especially viewing time.
*Shapley value: calculates how much influence each element has on the predicted value and how far each feature moves the prediction from the average prediction
-Representative points that are important in creating attractive automobile advertising creatives-
The report of this survey can be downloaded here.
o Ad creative that goes beyond the car: Videos that don’t just focus on the car but incorporate it into a larger storyline (message that leads to a conclusion) tend to have longer viewing times.
o Revealing the car’s interior: Showcasing the car’s interior features can be as effective as complete storytelling, especially in
advertisements focused on purchase consideration.
o Brand Clarity: Make your brand logo and name stand out to attract consumers’ attention and make a big impact.
o Wide, simple perspective: Wide shots with free movement tend to attract consumers. Additionally, videos with fewer scenes require less cognitive effort to understand, so they tend to take longer to watch. o Color contrast: Color contrast, such as blue and orange, makes videos more appealing and increases viewing time. Dark-colored videos lack contrast and take less time to watch, but adding bright elements can make a big impact.
-Comments on the release-
Jessica Sleep, Brand Communications & Social Media Manager at MINI, said: “The results of this study showed some great insights, especially around the use of people, color contrast, and text. We look forward to implementing Teads’ recommendations in future campaigns and seeing the results.”
Henner Blomer, VP of Global Client Partnerships at Teads, said: “Creativity is a key element for a successful automotive advertising campaign. Previous research from Teads has shown that creatively optimized campaigns have a 49% increase in attention rate and +31% increase in brand lift. The superiority of optimized creative was clear.To provide clients and agencies with further insight into the optimal design of advertising media, we collaborated with IPSOS to create the best designs that significantly increase campaign display time. We were able to validate our practices.”
About Teads
Teads is a global company that operates a state-of-the-art,
cloud-based, end-to-end, cookieless platform that provides inRead programmatic digital advertising within high-quality articles and content from the world’s top publishers. We have 1,200 staff in 50 offices in 30 countries.
The Teads platform enables the delivery of viewable and interactive advertising creatives in a brand-safe, secure and secure advertising environment.
The Cookie Rester targeting solution, which launched in 2019, provides performance comparable to the heyday of cookies. Our monthly global reach reaches 1.9 billion people, and in Japan, we have partnered with over 300 premium media outlets, building a network that generates approximately 12 billion impressions per month. For advertisers and agencies, we provide a self-serving advertising platform (Teads Ad Manager) where you can purchase ad space in articles from desktop and mobile inventory from premium publishers with whom we have direct global partnerships. I am.
For publishers, we are expanding our in-house advertising production and distribution platform Teads For Publishers (TFP), which is equipped with the creative production tool Teads Studio, globally, including Japan.
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