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A limited-time winter dinner buffet will be held at a 170-year-old old private house store! 11/29-12/4 Fukuoka/Itoshima Ito Azuri

Sanwa Holdings Co., Ltd.
A limited-time winter dinner buffet will be held at a 170-year-old old private house store! 11/29-12/4 Fukuoka/Itoshima [Ito Azuri] Ito Azuri’s first dinner buffet will be held! Now accepting reservations! ……
Ito Azuri, a group brand developed by Ilinx Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City, President and CEO: Seigo Ishii), held its first dinner buffet at its Itoshima store, which is a renovated 170-year-old soy sauce warehouse. This event will be held for a limited time from November 29th to December 4th. Please enjoy all the restaurants, cafes, and shops.
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Winter dinner buffet will be held for a limited time⁡
Ito Azuri has celebrated its 15th anniversary since its opening. In 2023, the restaurant will be reopened and further evolved. To express our gratitude for your continued patronage and to spend quality time with you, we are holding a dinner event for one week only, where you can enjoy all the restaurants, cafes, and shops in Ito Azuri. In Ito Azuri at night, where you don’t usually get a chance to enjoy it, you can enjoy Restaurant Le Erable’s special buffet menu to your heart’s content in the Christmas atmosphere.
Gospel singer Miyone will be invited as a guest, and her powerful yet delicate singing will brighten up your dinner time. Please take this opportunity to spend a romantic moment.
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Date and time: November 29, 2023 (Wednesday) – December 4, 2023 (Monday) Reception hours: 18:00 – 19:00 (CLOSE 20:30) Venue: Ito Azuri Main Building 882 Kawasuke, Itoshima City, 819-1155 Buffet Price: 90 minutes all-you-can-eat + all-you-can-drink soft drinks Adults (junior high school students and older) 4,500 yen, Elementary school students 2,250 yen, Pre-schoolers free, All-you-can-drink sake 2,000 yen Meals: 15-20 types of salads made with over 100 ingredients. Homemade smoked salmon, pickles, shoestring potatoes, roasted pork, tandoori chicken, gratin, 2 types of quiche pasta, green curry, bread, 5 types of desserts, etc.
*Seats are limited, so we recommend making reservations in advance! [Click here to make a reservation] [Image 3

The buffet venue is a spacious dirt floor space where a cafe is usually open. A symbolic Christmas tree is placed in the center, and various types of furniture are placed around it. Please use it in a variety of situations, such as sofa seats where you can relax with family and friends, and seats recommended for couples.
The store is 170 years old and has antique furniture, so you can spend an extraordinary time in a space that will make you feel like you have traveled back in time.

Guest singer: Miyone
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Guest Singer: Miyone Profile Born in Omuta City, Fukuoka Prefecture. She began singing at a music school and performed in America. As a gospel singer, he has performed on stages all over Japan and the United States. In 2019, he went solo and released theme songs for audio dramas and songs he wrote and composed himself. Total YouTube views exceeded 10 million times. The song is being played on the in-flight broadcast of the StarFlyer airline. They have performed on the streets of 47 prefectures nationwide, and will expand their music activities overseas next year. They deliver love and hope through songs. [Instagram]
[Video 2:] About Ito Azuri
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A lifestyle shop located in a renovated 170-year-old soy sauce warehouse. Currently, they operate Cafe Lily, a food and alcohol select shop with an extensive espresso menu, and Le erable, a French and Japanese sake pairing restaurant, which was renovated on October 1st. . Starting with the concept of “connecting,” we continue to create new value as a shop that connects eras, places, and people and proposes a rich lifestyle. [Location] 882 Kawasuke, Itoshima City, Fukuoka Prefecture, 819-1155 [Business hours] 10:00-18:00 [Brand site] [Instagram] About the operating company Company name: i-Links Co., Ltd. Location: 7F Sanwa Building, 1-6-9 Hakata Station Minami, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture Representative: Seigo Ishii Established: 2000 Business content: Mail order business, restaurant business, wholesale Retail/Child Welfare Business [Corporate Website]
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