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A new era of inclusive sports: the LITE version of “CYBER BOCCIA” is now available for everyone to enjoy bo ccia

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A new era of inclusive sports: the LITE version of “CYBER BOCCIA” is now available for everyone to enjoy boccia
One to Ten Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture, Representative: Yoshiaki Sawabe), which works to solve social issues with cutting-edge technologies such as AI and We are pleased to announce that we will start selling “CYBER BOCCIA LITE”, which allows you to experience it more easily.
[Image 1d16942-174-d89ec5a3cc69e32bc844-0.jpg&s3=16942-174-6e9131343c3e92beeee38bf72b1c8190-3900x2601.jpg
Boccia is a sport that everyone can enjoy and compete together, regardless of age, gender, or disability. ONE TO TEN has developed CYBER BOCCIA, an activity that allows you to easily enjoy boccia and overcome the language barrier, with the rules of boccia intact, automatic measurement of the distance between balls using a sensor, and voice navigation in Japanese, English, and Chinese. did. To date, we have installed it at various events and trial sessions held by companies and organizations that sympathize with One to Ten’s ideas, and more than 50,000 people have experienced it.
CYBER BOCCIA PV: “CYBER BOCCIA LITE” was created in pursuit of ease of use so that more people can enjoy “CYBER BOCCIA”. By simplifying the frame, court, bocce ball table, etc., while maintaining the beautiful visuals and sensing functions displayed on the “CYBER BOCCIA” monitor, we are now able to offer it at a price range that is easy to install. One To Ten aims to create an inclusive society where all people value each other’s human rights and dignity by creating a community where more people can connect, understand, and accept each other based on “CYBER BOCCIA LITE.” We aim to
[Image 2d16942-174-740efbbee2d51829fe74-1.jpg&s3=16942-174-d64afe2efab3acc5774e2b21abe90e07-3900x2601.jpg
-Introduction image-
・Community spaces such as schools and welfare facilities: Introduced as part of inclusive community formation
・Local government: Introduction as part of community formation for regional revitalization
・Companies: Introduction as SDGs/CSR activities
・Amusement park: introduced as physical e-sports
“CYBER BOCCIA LITE” will be available from 11/20 (Monday) on PLAY! It is installed at Daikanyama Sports Plaza, operated by SPORTS SHIBUYA PARTNERS (Shibuya Service Corporation x Mizuno Co., Ltd. x Mizuno Sports Service Co., Ltd.).
[Image 3d16942-174-66671E097FD053F57D85-2.jpg &3=16942-174-081C28D36B0068240CB026825815 -3900x2537.jpg
“CYBER BOCCIA” installation location
・“TOKYO FORWARD TOKYO2020 Legacy Exhibition” currently being held at Yurakucho l Tech Square
・Japan’s largest esports park “RED°TOKYO TOWER” in Tokyo Tower Foot Town ・Community space “gather” in Ikebukuro, Tokyo
・“KUMA・PRE” is an activity base for communities and local events in Okuma Town, Fukushima Prefecture.
・Ongrid Holdings Fukuoka Head Office
・“Akashiya, a nursing care health facility for the elderly” by Hakuaikai, a social medical corporation (Obihiro City, Hokkaido) ・Round One Osaka Sennichimae, Kawasaki Daishi “Spotcha”
Contact for inquiries regarding installation, rental, etc. of “CYBER BOCCIA” and “CYBER BOCCIA LITE”
About 1→10, Inc.
Our mission is to challenge “boredom,” which can be said to be an eternal human challenge, and to arouse people’s curiosity and create “immersion.” With the theme of solving social issues using cutting-edge technology, we develop services that make full use of cutting-edge AI technology and develop numerous projects that utilize projection mapping and XR in Japan and around the world.
Planning and production of digital shift measures for the Japan Pavilion at Dubai Expo, Osaka/Kansai Expo design system, planning and comprehensive production of the light-up event “YAKAI by 1→10” at Kyu-Shiba Rikyu Gardens, Nijo Castle, and Nagoya Castle, as well as ethical work. Many advanced projects such as the monthly project support service “ENU” and the metaverse “QURIOS” in the digital twin space.
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