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Brillar A pioneering career change to join a company where my wife serves as CEO/Moissanite jewelry brand Announcement of appointment as new CFO

Brillar Co., Ltd.
A pioneering career change to join a company where my wife serves as CEO/Moissanite jewelry brand – Brijard – Announcement of new CFO appointment
Brillar Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President and Representative Director: Isou Ohara, hereinafter referred to as Brillar) has appointed Mr. Shinya Ohara as a new CFO with the aim of strengthening its management structure and accelerating business growth. We would like to inform you that we have been appointed. Background of appointment
Now in its 7th year since its founding, Brijar is aiming to further expand its business as Japan’s first (*1) jeweler specializing in moissanite, as the recognition of moissanite as an ethical jewelry is increasing. In order to strengthen our management structure and accelerate business growth, we have appointed Shinya Ohara, who has extensive business management knowledge, as our new CFO. We aim to further improve corporate value by leading fund procurement and investment strategies.
In addition, Mr. Ohara is also the husband of Yosato Ohara, the representative director and president of Brijard, and this case is a rare case in which the husband of the representative director and president, who is a female business owner, is appointed as CFO. However, while working on the front lines as a mid-level employee at a general trading company in her previous job, Ms. Ohara took seven months of childcare leave, and while reducing her overtime work, she was proactively and fully responsible for housework and childcare. We have realized the way we work.
Brijar has supported the working styles of women who want to continue working even as their life stages change (employment for those who have been forced to retire due to their spouse being stationed upon their return to Japan, encouragement for employees to take childcare leave, support for working from home, etc.) We have been working to make full use of this (full remote is possible depending on the job content).
We will continue to search for ideal working styles for sustainable employees and aim for further diversity management.
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