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CBC Television, Inc. “Heartful World” is a director searching for a heartful person in a “deep city”. The 4th episode following Nishinari, Joshi Okoji, and Kanazuen is Gifu Neotsunami!

CBC Television Co., Ltd.
“Heartful World” where a director searches for a heartful person in a “deep city”. The 4th episode following Nishinari, Joshi Okoji, and Kanazuen is [Gifu Neotsunami]!
“Heartful World” is a documentary program in which the director turns the camera alone and searches for the “heartful”. The fourth episode follows the 1st episode “Osaka/Nishinari Edition” broadcast in February 2023, the 2nd episode “Nagoya City/Joshidaikoji Edition”, and the 3rd episode “Gifu/Kanazuen Edition” broadcast last November 18th. The story will be broadcast from 12:28 a.m. on Saturday, November 25th. This time’s setting is Neogosunami, Gifu, a village with no permanent residents. We welcome Hikorohi to the studio and bring you a deep world that is hard to see.
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“Neogoshiha” is nestled quietly deep in the mountains of Gifu Prefecture. This village, which was once a village, now has no permanent residents. In winter, this area receives several meters of snow and is at risk of avalanche accidents.
From December to May every year, the roads leading to the village are closed to traffic, making it impossible to even enter, let alone live in.
One day in July, when the director visited the village…as expected, no one was there.
Many of the houses are in ruins, and at night only the street lights are lit. However, it turns out that there are people who come back to this village only on weekends…
-Hikorohi-san’s impressions after recording-
I think the combination of what is called a marginal village and the feelings for one’s hometown created a unique and heartwarming episode. There were parts that made me think a little bit about my hometown. I thought that the fact that something that has always been there is still there, unchanged, may be a miracle in which an unreliable thread is spun.
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-Program overview-Program title: “Heartful World”
Broadcast date and time: Saturday, November 25, 2023, 0:28 a.m. to 0:58 a.m.

(CBC local area broadcast)
Cast: Hikorohi Shogo Suzuki (Narration)
Distribution: There is a missed distribution on TVer.
-Episode 3 Gifu/Kanazuen Edition-
[Until 12:00 on Sunday, December 3rd]

[11/26 (Sunday) 12:00 to 12/10 (Sunday) 12:00]
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