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Culture and Tourism Department, Embassy of the Republic of Turkey “Michelin Guide Istanbul, Izmir, Bodrum Ed ition 2024” Japanese restaurant selected for the first time in Turkey!

Embassy of the Republic of Türkiye Culture and Tourism Department “Michelin Guide Istanbul, Izmir, Bodrum Edition 2024” Japanese restaurant selected for the first time in Turkey!
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Michelin Guide Ceremony 2024 Group Photo
The announcement of restaurants featured in the “Michelin Guide Istanbul, Izmir, Bodrum Edition 2024” was held in Istanbul on November 9th, with a total of 111 restaurants selected. 15 restaurants in Izmir and 19 in Bodrum were selected for the first time, including 5 with 1 Michelin star (3 in Izmir and 2 in Bodrum) and 8 with Bib Gourmand (2 in Bodrum and 6 in Izmir) (eaves) was acquired. In addition, 77 restaurants were selected in Istanbul, of which 2 received 1 Michelin star and 8 received Bib Gourmand.
This time, the restaurant “Sankai” led by a Japanese chef was also selected, becoming the first Japanese restaurant in Turkey to receive a Michelin star. Although it has only been open for eight months, it has been praised for its exquisite blend of Japanese orthodoxy and European influence. This restaurant is located in Istanbul’s Bebek district and offers spectacular views of the Bosphorus.
Gwendal Prenec, International Director of the Michelin Guide, commented: “Once again this year, our judges were impressed by Istanbul’s gastronomic scene. A cosmopolitan city with a complex personality, Istanbul offers a wide variety of restaurants, from classic Turkish taverns to trendy and cosmopolitan eateries. , modern and casual restaurants, offering an astonishingly rich gastronomic panorama. With 24 new restaurants scattered across the city, including two 1-star Michelin restaurants, this selection honors a proud tradition. It also speaks to the level-up of gastronomy driven by chefs who are taking on bold challenges while maintaining the same spirit.
Gwendal Prenec continues as follows:
“Our team particularly appreciated the differences between Izmir and Bodrum, two cities that have joined the Michelin Guide family: local roots, loyalty to terroir and strong ties to local producers. This is a common characteristic of many of the recommended restaurants in and around Izmir, as evidenced by the fact that three or more of our restaurants have been awarded Michelin Green Stars. It is lined with restaurants, and the downtown area has small, independent, picturesque and reasonably priced eateries.”
1 Michelin star restaurant
Sankai (Istanbul)
Japanese chef Kasumi Nagaya offers two types of top-notch omakase dishes. One is sushi chef Hiroko Shibata who uses as much local fish as possible to create beautifully crafted sushi. The other type of cuisine is kaiseki cuisine, which has European touches such as veal cheeks cooked at a low temperature for 48 hours and served with beans, ponzu mayonnaise, and powdered vinegar.
Arkestra (Istanbul)
Cenki Debensasson, a native of Istanbul with an international background, has proven his expertise and culinary breadth. From marinated tuna sashimi with vinegared rice ice cream and ginger ponzu dressing to the perfect preparation of duck breast with apicius sauce, his dishes fuse different perspectives.
OD Urla (Izmir)
Headed by Osman Cezener, the restaurant stands out for its authentic and locally-based approach to cuisine. Surrounded by vineyards and olive groves, this family-run business features the chef and his team showcasing the finest local ingredients. Half of the ingredients are grown in-house, and the rest is sourced from nearby growers and artisans. Some of the dishes are simple, natural and rustic, but each dish is always perfectly executed, with special mention given to the dishes cooked in the restaurant’s wood-burning stove.
Teruar Urla (Izmir)
Osman Serdaroglu and his team create Mediterranean cuisine with Italian nuances, making the most of local ingredients. From lamb saltimbocca to fried zucchini with fresh goat cheese and dried yoghurt, the dishes are minimal yet surprisingly rich in flavour. The wine list is equally impressive, offering a taste of Turkey’s various terroirs.
Vino Locale (Izmir)
Ozan and Serai Kumbasar are passionate about helping their guests discover the wonders of their local area. Using only the finest locally sourced ingredients, our seasonal menu is updated every six weeks to create a sophisticated and appealing menu. In the dining room, Madam Serai Kumbasar entertains gourmets and introduces her to a selection of local wines. Her after-dinner drink trolley is also special.
Kitchen (Bodrum) Run by Osman Cezener, it offers modern Turkish cuisine with delicious international accents. Here, fresh, local ingredients take center stage in dishes that are simple, hearty and flavorful. For example, octopus is grilled over hot charcoal and topped with salsa verde made from garden herbs.
Maçakızı (Bodrum)
Lovers of modern Aegean cuisine will enjoy Maçakızı, located in the hotel of the same name and recommended by the Michelin Guide. Chef Aret Sahakyan offers creative dishes that draw on local culinary traditions. The wine list is also top-notch, with everything from Turkish and European vintages to an impressive champagne cellar. Other restaurants that received one Michelin star this year were Araka, Nicole, Mikla and Neolokal (all from Istanbul). At the pinnacle of the local culinary scene, Turk Fatih Tutak maintains its two Michelin stars for “extraordinary cuisine worth a special detour.” [Image 2

1 Michelin star restaurant
Michelin Green Star awarded restaurant
The Michelin Green Star honors pioneering environmentally conscious restaurants and is a reliable indicator of restaurants that serve inspiring food. Izmir’s OD Urla, Vino Locale and Hiç Lokanta received awards, while Istanbul’s Circle by Vertical was also newly recognized. Neolokal has been awarded the award again since last year, bringing the total number of restaurants that have received Michelin Green Stars to five.
[Image 3

Michelin Green Star awarded restaurant
Bib Gourmand awarded restaurants
Two new Bib Gourmand restaurants have been added from Bodrum and six from Izmir. In Bodrum, İki Sandal was praised for its meze and friendly
atmosphere, and Otantik Ocakbaşı for its grilled meats.
Izmir is widely praised for its traditional Turkish cuisine. Adil Müftüoğlu, Ayşa Boşnak Borekçisi, Beğendik Abi and Tavacı Recep Usta offer meze, stewed meat, vegetable soup, baklava in syrup, and more. In the Old Town, Hiç Lokanta, awarded a Michelin Green Star for its sustainable practices, offers more modern, plant-based cuisine. LA Mahzen is located on a vineyard and offers first-class, flavorful Mediterranean cuisine and the finest local wines.
In Istanbul, eight newly selected Bib Gourmand restaurants offer a wider variety of cuisines, from Italian cuisine Aida – vino e cucina and Fauna to Japanese cuisine Inari Omakase Kuruçeşme and
Mediterranean cuisine The Red Balloon. It offers. Turkish cuisine is both modern and traditional, with restaurants such as Circle by Vertical, Efendy, Tavacı Recep Usta Bostancı, and Foxy Nişantaşı. In addition to these eight new restaurants, all 10 Istanbul
restaurants awarded Bib Gourmand status in the 2023 Michelin Guide retain that honor.
[Image 4 YouTube: About Türkiye
Situated on the Mediterranean coast and connected to Asia and Europe by the famous Bosphorus Strait, Turkey has been considered a hub of cultural exchange and diversity for centuries. It is a versatile destination with a history, ruins, nature and gastronomy that reflect diverse civilizations. It continues to attract visitors from all over the world with its art and fashion, a fusion of tradition and modernity, as well as its dynamic shopping and entertainment life. In 2022, it will welcome approximately 51.4 million visitors from all over the world, making it the third largest tourism market in the world. 2023 is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Republic of Turkey.
For more information about Turkey, please visit the official website ( or the SNS below.
About Turkish Tourism Information and Development Authority (TGA) The Turkish Tourism Publicity and Development Authority (TGA) implements tourism strategies and policies established by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in order to establish Turkey’s branding in the domestic and international tourism market and increase its recognition as an attractive destination for tourism and business. Based on this, we conduct all kinds of promotional, marketing, and communication activities. We promote and market current tourism opportunities around the world, as well as discover, improve and establish potential areas of tourism.
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