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Hamada Sake Brewery, which is exhibiting hometown tax return gifts from Ichikikushikino City, Kagoshima Prefecture, was awarded an award in a global English competition for alcoholic beverages.

LR Co., Ltd.
Hamada Sake Brewery, which is exhibiting hometown tax return gifts from Ichikikushikino City, Kagoshima Prefecture, was awarded an award in a global English competition for alcoholic beverages.
LR Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Ijuin-cho-gun, Hioki City, Kagoshima Prefecture, Representative: Yuma Suenaga), which provides e-commerce operational support and product development, supports Ichikikushikino, the same prefecture, as part of its hometown tax support project. We would like to inform you that Hamada Sake Brewery in the city has been awarded the “Producer Trophy”, which is given to an excellent brewer, at the “International Wine and Spirits Competition (IWSC)”, a global alcohol competition.
Hamada Sake Brewery’s products are handled by hometown tax donations at Hamada Sake Brewery’s breweries Denbeigura and Satsuma Kinzangura, as well as three businesses in Ichikikushikino City (Hayashi Sake Store, Yoshimura Sake Store, and Yume Sake Store).
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The awards ceremony for the global alcohol competition “IWSC” was held in London in October, and “Hamada Sake Brewery” in
Ichikikushikino City, Kagoshima Prefecture was awarded the “Producer Trophy” given to an outstanding brewer.
What is the International Wine and Spirits Competition (IWSC)? [Image 2
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Hamada Sake Brewery’s initiatives
“DAIYAME brand” recognized by the world
DAIYAME brand was born in 2018, 150 years since its founding. Establishing a new genre of “fragrant shochu”, total domestic and overseas shipments have increased more than six times compared to 2019 and 2022. Thanks to its spread on social media, the brand has grown to be popular among people who are not familiar with shochu.
Overseas, in addition to Asia such as China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore, we expanded into the United States in 2023. With its easy-to-drink quality that overturns the conventional concept of potato shochu, it is attracting attention as a catalyst for
revitalizing the industry.
Hamada Sake Brewery Official X ( Digitalization under coronavirus
While it is difficult to hold face-to-face events such as tasting sessions due to the coronavirus, we quickly moved to digitalization and held online events. In addition, while we are unable to conduct PR activities by traveling overseas, we are also implementing live webinars that connect the brewery and the local area via the Internet for buyers and local sales agents in Singapore and Taiwan.
Main products
[Image 4d122077-4-80537dba909ca7269c0a-10.jpg&s3=122077-4-787ad772984a28e7385e18e77e97eda5-955x2700.jpg
Potato shochu “DAIYAME” (released on September 4, 2018)
A new flavor created by “kojuku sweet potatoes” created using a unique aging technique. It has a gorgeous lychee-like aroma, a sweet and mellow taste, and a sharp aftertaste. You can continue to drink it as a delicious drink while enjoying the gorgeous aroma, and if you mix it with strong carbonated water, you can enjoy the gorgeous aroma even more. Daime means “evening drink” in the Kagoshima dialect.
* Kojuku sweet potato… Kojuku sweet potato, created using our unique technology, is a sweet potato with amplified ingredients that bring out its aromatic aroma.
About hometown tax
■How to apply
The breweries and businesses that handle Hamada Sake Brewery’s shochu through hometown tax payments are as follows.
Please apply from each hometown tax donation portal site. (Some of the main sites are listed below)
・Denbeizou %84%E3%81%A1%E3%81%8D%E4%B8%B2%E6%9C%A8%E9%87%8E%E5%B8%82/?ev=40 ・Satsuma Kinzanzo %80%E3%81%84%E3%81%A1%E3%81%8D%E4%B8%B2%E6%9C%A8%E9%87%8E%E5%B8%82/?ev=40 ・Hayashi Liquor Store %A1%E3%81%8D%E4%B8%B2%E6%9C%A8%E9%87%8E%E5%B8%82/?ev=40
・Yoshimura Liquor Store %84%E3%81%A1%E3%81%8D%E4%B8%B2%E6%9C%A8%E9%87%8E%E5%B8%82/?ev=40 ・Yume Saketen %A1%E3%81%8D%E4%B8%B2%E6%9C%A8%E9%87%8E%E5%B8%82/?ev=40
For details, please check the Ichikikushikino City website below. ■How to use donations
Your donations will be used for the following projects:
1. Industrial promotion, regional revitalization
2. Enhancing health and welfare
3. Promotion of education, culture, and sports
4. Conservation of the environment and landscape
5. Other general city administration
The charm of Ichikikushikino City
Ichikikushikino City is a town that flourished as a port town, including Ichikiminato, which prospered as a tuna fishing industry and a post town. There are many valuable historical and cultural heritage sites such as the “Satsuma Clan British Student Memorial Hall” in the Hashima area, “Gandake” and “Kantakeen” from the legend of Jofuku, as well as “Kushikino Foothills”, which has been designated as a Japanese Heritage Site. There is also a wide selection of specialty products, and Ichikikushikino City is said to be the birthplace of Kagoshima Prefecture’s specialty tsukeage (satsumaage). Shochu has been made since the feudal era, thanks to the rich forests of Mt. Gwandake and abundant water sources, and there are currently six companies (eight breweries) in the city.
[Image 5d122077-4-694500abc30644a9654b-8.jpg&s3=122077-4-61b663d9200d2472f9873122f9efb54e-3800x2529.jpg
Hamada Sake Brewery comment
At IWSC, which has a long history among the world’s alcoholic beverage competitions, the award of the “Shochu Producer Trophy”, which follows the “Supreme Gold Award” at DAIYAME 40 in April, is a sign that not only the product but also the brewery received high praise. It gave me a lot of confidence. In the future, I will continue to study hard as a maker of Japanese authentic shochu, and aim for the day when authentic shochu is known all over the world, and I will strive to make “honkaku shochu a true national sake, and furthermore, a world-class sake.” We will continue to take on the challenge of achieving this goal.
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