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Japan Platform JPF official YouTube program “Social Good Times” starts streaming today!

Japan platform
JPF official YouTube program “Social Good Times” starts streaming today! ~Introducing the activities of Japan Platform member NGOs in a video~ ……
Emergency humanitarian aid organization Japan Platform (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo/hereinafter referred to as JPF) will begin distributing the YouTube program “Social Good Times” today (November 21st), which introduces the activities of member NGOs. Title: Social Good Times Overview: Conveying the business activities of 47 member NGOs (as of November 21st) through video to deepen social understanding and lead to a wide range of support.
Distribution: JPF’s YouTube channel Twice a month (irregular), about 15 minutes each
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Social Good Times #1
Peace Boat Disaster Relief Center “July 2023 Akita heavy rain disaster relief” In Akita City, inland water flooding occurred in July 2023, causing sewers and waterways to overflow. Widespread areas of the city center were flooded, and nearly 6,500 buildings were damaged by water above and below the floors. The Peace Boat Disaster Relief Center (PBV), a JPF member NGO with a rich track record of providing disaster relief both domestically and internationally, is providing assistance to those affected by the disaster, including providing support for house repairs and opening a salon where people can talk about their problems. We will tell you about our support activities.
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JPF is an intermediary support organization that works together in equal partnership with NGOs, companies, individuals, and governments to provide prompt and effective emergency humanitarian assistance domestically and internationally. JPF’s support activities are only possible through the efforts of our member NGOs (47 organizations as of November 21) who deliver support to disaster-stricken areas. Therefore, we have launched a YouTube program to help people understand the activities of JPF member NGOs more easily. I hope many people will see it.
■About Japan Platform, a specified non-profit corporation (certified NPO corporation)
Based on the lessons learned from the Kosovo conflict, Japan’s emergency humanitarian assistance system was launched in 2000 as an equal partnership between NGOs, the business community, and the government. During normal times, it functions as a platform where three parties and diverse people can collaborate by leveraging their respective strengths and resources, and provide prompt and effective support to victims of natural disasters in Japan and abroad, as well as refugees and internally displaced persons due to conflicts. We are delivering. To date, we have provided more than 2,100 humanitarian aid projects in more than 65 countries and regions, totaling more than 84 billion yen. As professionals in emergency humanitarian assistance, we implement programs rooted in the needs of people in need of
assistance, while supporting our 47 member NGOs in a variety of ways, each with their own specialty.
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