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New colors now available! New colors of the 47L 1-door refrigerator recommended for bedrooms and living rooms will be released from the generic home appliance brand “MAXZEN” from November 21, 2023

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[New colors now available!] New colors of the 47L 1-door refrigerator recommended for bedrooms and living rooms will be released from the generic home appliance brand “MAXZEN” from November 21, 2023 ……
Maxzen Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Koto-ku, Tokyo, President: Toshimitsu Shimizu), which develops the generic home appliance brand “MAXZEN”, will release a new gray color from the popular “47L 1-door
refrigerator (JR047HM01)” in 2023. It will be released from November 21st.
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Product page:
■Recommended for bedrooms and living rooms! Compact second
refrigerator of approximately 50cm square
With its compact size of 44.0 cm in width, 47.5 cm in depth, and 51.5 cm in height, it is easy to use and fits in a small space. If you add one to your current refrigerator, you won’t have to worry about space to store food you buy in bulk. It’s also a great product to place in your bedroom or work room to stock up on drinks.
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■Door pocket for easy organization
It comes with a bottle holder that can hold tall containers such as 2L plastic bottles and milk cartons, and a convenient accessory shelf that can separate and store small items. Although it is a compact refrigerator, it is designed with ease of use in mind.
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■Temperature control dial
The cooling temperature of the refrigerator and freezer compartment can be adjusted in stages according to the contents.
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■Quiet design
The operating noise is only about 26 dB, so it can be installed in the living room or bedroom of a family with a baby and can be used in daily life without any problems.
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*Feelings vary depending on the usage environment.
・Heat-resistant top surface
The top surface has a heat resistance temperature of 100℃ and a load capacity of 30kg, allowing you to neatly store items such as a microwave oven.
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・Adjustable legs
The height can be adjusted so that the main body is level.
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■Energy-saving design that’s great because it’s something you use every day This product has an energy-saving design that is friendly to the environment and your wallet, achieving an energy-saving standard achievement rate of 113%.
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■Manufacturer’s 1 year warranty
Comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, so you can use it with confidence even after purchase.
*The warranty covers free replacement or repair in the event of a failure that occurs under normal use.
*The warranty covers only the device itself.
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MAXZEN is a generic home appliance brand that was launched in 2013 and is popular for its high cost performance. Based on the concept of “maximum luxury at a reduced price,” we make use of our experience in selling home appliances, thoroughly pursue the balance between functionality and price, and strive to develop products from the customer’s perspective. We handle approximately 100 products, including household appliances, seasonal appliances, and cooking appliances, with cumulative sales exceeding 1.3 million units and annual sales exceeding 5 billion yen.
Generic home appliances: Home appliances that are high quality and sold at low prices by carefully selecting the functions they are equipped with.
■Company overview
Company name: MAXZEN Inc. (English company name: MAXZEN Inc.) URL
Representative: President and CEO Toshimitsu Shimizu
Address: Head Office: 2-7-5 Minamisuna, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Capital: 30 million yen
Shareholder: Xprice Co., Ltd. (100%)
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