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New product Couch sofa and glass table set for 39,800 yen (tax included) Interior shop NOCE

Shimada Trading Co., Ltd.
[New product] Couch sofa and glass table set for 39,800 yen (tax included) [Interior shop NOCE]
-As it is an international outlet, we can offer it at a bargain price- ……
NOCE, an interior shop run by Shimada Trading Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Shunsuke Shimada), which operates 15 stores nationwide and an online store, will be selling a new steel wicker sofa set on November 17th. It was started.
[Image 1d10721-100-d36e4644e3fb94618b18-0.jpg&s3=10721-100-4b3f255d63d555a2733cf5a1b38c4abe-1080x864.jpg
This is a couch sofa and glass table set that we were able to purchase at a low price as it was a canceled item from an overseas
manufacturer. The regular price is 59,800 yen, but we are offering it for 39,800 yen.
◆ Simple and stylish
[Image 2d10721-100-085484ba8a451ebeae1b-0.jpg&s3=10721-100-54337b0a904d82e04292379d8007a3dd-1080x864.jpg
[Image 3d10721-100-2d0f0efc77b4fdf116d9-0.jpg&s3=10721-100-38bfb820a05e89b1df7e7a2463e64304-1080x864.jpg
The frame is made of black steel wrapped in rattan wicker, giving it a resort-like and industrial feel. It has a simple structure of just a cushion placed on a frame and is lightweight, making it easy to move or rearrange your room. The long legs not only make your room look neater, but they also make cleaning easier and can also be used to store small items. The sofa can be divided and used, so you can place it across a table or use it in another room, allowing you to enjoy various coordinations.
[Image 4d10721-100-50ff4e409ed96c774ec2-0.jpg&s3=10721-100-c9aeca2119addcea99623e6f6a2af5d2-1080x864.jpg
The set also includes a stylish glass table with a stone grain pattern. The glass table is also decorated with rattan wicker, so it has a unified image and is easy to coordinate.
◆ An urban resort that makes your life come true
[Image 5d10721-100-ee3db72ba240decb1c49-0.jpg&s3=10721-100-8c6b1bf0f61cb3f95b6672b35d26b698-1080x864.jpg
The rattan wicker gives it a strong resort image, but the gray and black frame of the seat tightens the whole thing, so it doesn’t give a very sweet impression. If you try incorporating black into your cushions, rugs, and other furniture to match the black legs, you will be able to bring the whole look together.
◆ Product details Steel wicker sofa set 39,800 yen (tax included) [Image 6d10721-100-09894c5520ebb8ea454e-0.jpg&s3=10721-100-39e692446610e6640be0a9503d1285b5-1080x864.jpg
Size: Sofa: width 196 x depth 135 (78) x height 81 (45.5) cm Table: width 50 x depth 50 x height 46cm
Inner dimensions: Seat surface: width 174.5 x depth 93(49) cm, leg height 33 cm Material: rattan, polyester, legs: steel
*Assemble with the included hex wrench
*When transporting, the width of the transport route must be at least 60 cm. Click here for details
Exhibition stores: Sapporo Factory store, Sendai store, Niigata store, Asakusa Kuramae store, Shimokitazawa store, Hinobashi store, Abeno Hoop store, Umeda store, Fukuoka store
*Product prices and display stores are information at the time of release distribution. Subject to change without prior notice. note that.
We also introduce it on the buyer’s blog.
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