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NSG Group International College of Music, Dance and Entertainment A special lecture for current students will be held by music producer Akihisa Matsuura!

NSG Group
[International College of Music, Dance and Entertainment] A special lecture for current students will be held by music producer Akihisa Matsuura!
NSG Group’s International Music, Dance, and Entertainment College “SHOW! Music Entertainment Seminar” held a special seminar by music producer Akihisa Matsuura on Friday, November 17th.
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Akihisa Matsuura is active as a music producer, composer, arranger, pianist, keyboardist, and guitarist. To date, he has worked with a wide variety of artists including Ken Hirai, Ayaka, Hideaki Tokunaga, JUJU, Mika Nakashima, Motohiro Hata, miwa, Little Gree Monster, and Yutaka Koyama (Tsugaru Shamisen). In this seminar, he gave a lecture on the theme of “What is most necessary to become a professional.” [Image 2

Mr. Akihisa Matsuura
~Student comment (Music Artist Department F)~
Thank you very much for your valuable talk today.
I’m usually in a band and write and compose most of my songs, so I really enjoyed taking Matsuura-san’s class today. Your words about honing your sense of style and seeing good things really resonate with me, and I want to live my life in a way that enriches my
sensibilities. I will try my best to utilize what Mr. Matsuura said today in my future life and music activities to create even better things.
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After the lecture, students who aspire to become artists gave artist presentations to Mr. Matsuura and received advice from them. We also received support from Ichiro Inoue, instructor of the school’s Sound Creator Department Recording Course and representative of N-Tribe Co., Ltd.
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We will continue to collaborate with professionals and companies active in the industry to produce highly specialized students who can contribute to the local community.
[International College of Music, Dance and Entertainment] A music vocational school located in Niigata where you can learn singing, musical instruments, dance, K-POP, music business, video, sound and lighting, composition and arrangement, and recording. There is also the only department in Japan where you can study K-POP, the “K-POP Entertainment Department”, and students from all over the country who want to learn K-POP gather there.
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