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Rediscover the charm of Yamaguchi! “Mikke Yamaguchi ~Come to the Christmas party~” event will be held!

Third Planet Co., Ltd.
Rediscover the charm of ! “Mikke ~Come to the Christmas party~” event will be held!
Students at Umekogakuin University’s Faculty of Children’s Studies and Third Planet collaborate on “problem-solving learning.” We will hold an event to rediscover the charm of .
Third Planet Co., Ltd. ( Head Office: Shunan City, Prefecture, Representative Director and President: Atsushi Kodama), which operates game and amusement facilities, and Umeko Gakuin University (Shimonoseki City, Prefecture) are companies and governments working together with universities to provide practical We continue to work on “PBL (Project Based Learning)” to develop human resources.
This time, together with students from Kazuya Akahori’s seminar, Department of Child Future Studies, Faculty of Children’s Studies, Baiko Gakuin University, Major in Child Education and Early Childhood Care, we will be working with students from the Seminar of “Sapura Asobi Town (reopening on November 11th)” and “The Third Planet Yume Town Shimonoseki Chofu Store.” ”, we will be holding “ Mikke – Come to the Christmas Party”, which children and their parents can enjoy together, with the theme of “local
By focusing on famous quotes from great people connected to Prefecture and things that Prefecture can be proud of nationwide, we hope you will rediscover the charm of the area you live in and fall in love with your hometown even more! With this in mind, we will hold an event that you can enjoy.
[Mikke ~Come to the Christmas party~ Event overview] Date and time: Saturday, December 9, 2023, 13:00-16:00 (Sapura Asobi Town)
Sunday, December 10, 2023 13:00-16:00 (Yume Town Shimonoseki Chofu Store) Location: Surpura Asobi Town (6-8-3 Yuda Onsen, City) *Reopening on November 11th
The Third Planet Yume Town Shimonoseki Chofu Branch (1-1 Yume Town, Shimonoseki City)
Target: Preschool children, elementary school students, and guardians Admission fee: Free
Contents: Kiheitai hat making, famous quote, cosplay photo gallery, raffle, chocolate catcher
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[Solving game center issues with the ideas of university students! To become a place that is needed by the community and society…] We considered the issue facing game centers from the students’ perspective: “What should we do to become a place that is more needed by the local community and society?” and conducted activities to get closer to solving the issue. I am. This time, with the theme of “Local Revitalization,” we want you to learn while playing and develop a love for your hometown! We will hold an event with this in mind. We hope that through opportunities like this, people in the area will feel a little closer to the game center.
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■Third Planet Co., Ltd.
■Sapura Asobi Town ■The Third Planet Yume Town Shimonoseki Chofu Store
■Baiko Gakuin University School Corporation Baiko Gakuin
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