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Resort Kyukamura where you can enjoy the excitement of nature The final chapter depicts “fishermen and boats” photographed by photographer Mikiya Takimoto. The main characters are the fishermen who support Kesennuma! Kyukamura Kesennuma Oshima “Acc

Kyukamura, a resort filled with nature
In the final chapter, photographer Mikiya Takimoto takes pictures of “fishermen and boats.” The main characters are the fishermen who support Kesennuma! Kyukamura Kesennuma Oshima “Accommodation plan with Kesennuma Fisherman Calendar 2024” now on sale
The resort hotel “Kyukamura Kesennuma Oshima” (Location: Sotohata 16, Kesennuma City, Miyagi Prefecture, Manager: Yasushi Takada), located in Kesennuma City, the northeastern tip of Miyagi Prefecture, will launch the “Kesennuma Fisherman Calendar 2024 Accommodation Plan” on December 1st. On sale from Sunday (Friday). The Kesennuma Fisherman Calendar began with the 2014 edition. After the earthquake, the “Kesennuma Tsubaki Association” published the book to share the treasures of the town of Kesennuma. And the 10th installment of the 2024 edition is the final chapter. This time’s photographer is Mikiya Takimoto, who continues to be active in a wide range of areas, including advertising photography and commercial videos, as well as presenting and publishing works both domestically and internationally. The result is a calendar that captures the charm of Kesennuma. [Image 1

Fisherman Calendar 2024 1 copy 2,200 yen tax included
◆Kesennuma Fishermen’s Calendar The Kesennuma Fishermen’s Calendar spotlights Kesennuma’s fishermen who are active in the sea, and every year a great photographer takes pictures of them working bravely. Starting with the 2014 edition, we have won various awards at the National Calendar Exhibition, including the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award. We hope that each photo, filled with the charm of the fishermen who support Kesennuma and the people of Kesennuma, will be an opportunity for people to visit Kesennuma and the fishermen who support it. It is planned and published by the Kesennuma Tsubaki Association. Purchase ⇒
[Image 2

January What is the ship? “Money Tree” Fukuyo Maru No. 17 Freshly caught swordfish
[Image 3

September What is a ship? “She” Wasen Maru Sea squirt, scallop, and seaweed farming industry
[Kyukamura Kesennuma Oshima Accommodation plan with Kesennuma Fisherman Calendar 2024] We will give one copy of “Kesennuma Fisherman Calendar 2024”, which focuses on men who live at sea, for each reservation. The unique culture of Kesennuma and the warmth of its people are conveyed through each photo, which depicts the lives of fishermen in a realistic manner. For dinner, we offer dishes unique to the port town, with a focus on local ingredients. Period: December 1st, 2023 (Friday) – January 31st, 2024 (Wednesday) *Excluding accommodation from December 29th to January 3rd. Price: Weekdays, 2 people per room, 1 night with 2 meals, 1 adult First name: 13,000 yen (tax included) ~
[Image 4d85653-355-e8362648170827c78f96-3.jpg&s3=85653-355-b1eecbc39135a4d0ac1d4460093617a1-3900x2600.jpg
Dishes unique to a port town made with local ingredients
◆Kesennuma Tsubaki Association While looking at the value of Kesennuma’s tourism resources from a women’s perspective, we are actively promoting projects in collaboration with people inside and outside the region, such as the “Kesennuma Fisherman’s Calendar” and “Okuri Departures.” This calendar was created with the sole intention of spotlighting men who live at sea and letting people all over the country know how cool they are. [Image 5d85653-355-1b4d565513a192990521-8.jpg&s3=85653-355-948c5004f80d8c94250f03f75a425d2b-896x598.jpg
Kesennuma’s Defune Okuri is an event where the crew’s families, ship owners, and other related parties see off a fishing boat from the quay, praying for a safe voyage and a good catch.
◆Kyukamura Kesennuma Oshima
This is a resort hotel located on Kesennuma Oshima, the largest inhabited island in Tohoku, which has become more convenient to access with the opening of the Kesennuma Oshima Bridge in 2019 and the Kesennuma Bay Crossing Bridge in 2021. Reopened in 2020, we now have a restaurant where you can comfortably enjoy Hamayaki, a courtyard surrounding a fireplace, a book lounge where you can relax while drinking tea, and comfortable premium Japanese-Western rooms with balconies. There are plenty of activities to do in the great outdoors, such as hiking, cycling, and marine sports. Address: 16 Sotohata, Kesennuma City, Miyagi Prefecture, 988-0603 Manager: Yasushi Takada URL: https//
[Image 6d85653-355-66b81d579a3018c6b639-5.jpg&s3=85653-355-b4cd8790082eb6f600dac8c320745a9d-3900x2600.jpg
Renewed in April 2020
[Image 7d85653-355-11ef6a2129d78d427bf4-6.jpg&s3=85653-355-4b470bce1143c26fa37eb25f6ac7755f-3900x2600.jpg
You can relax while listening to the sound of the waves on the daybed or couch. Guests arriving on road bikes can bring their precious bicycles directly into the room.
[Image 8d85653-355-afb6d4c78734eb634763-7.jpg&s3=85653-355-d6d269c4f2ac9780217dda0da3a8a45d-1000x667.jpg
“Kesennuma Oshima Ohashi Bridge” opened in 2019. It is a white arch-shaped bridge that contrasts beautifully with the natural scenery such as the blue of the sea and sky, and the green of Oshima. [Image 9d85653-355-62e88afda8d95f96fdbc-8.jpg&s3=85653-355-56a8cbb9c213aed3383377c9cdd7c3da-878x676.jpg
◆Kyukamura, a resort filled with nature
National parks and quasi-national parks that represent the scenery of Japan A resort hotel located in an excellent natural environment.
There are 35 vacation villages located in the area of ​​“Natural Resorts”. Based on the concept, dishes that utilize local ingredients, Programs to interact with local nature, culture, and history, etc. We provide a place where you can experience the unique charm of the area, and We provide our customers with moments that naturally make their hearts flutter. More details about this release:

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