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Seino Holdings Co., Ltd. Collaborating with SHOWROOM and QTnet to develop the live commerce market

Seino Holdings Co., Ltd.
Collaboration with SHOWROOM and QTnet to develop the live commerce market ~ “SHOWROOM 10th Anniversary Meat Festival of Appreciation” will be held ~ ……
Seino Holdings Co., Ltd. (Head office: 1 Taguchi-cho, Ogaki City, President: Yoshitaka Taguchi) is working to further develop the live commerce market. In collaboration with QTnet (Headquarters/Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture, President/Yoshio Ogura), we will hold a live commerce event “Thank You Meat Festival” to commemorate SHOWROOM’s 10th anniversary on November 23rd (Thursday/Holiday) and 24th, 2023. It will be held on (Friday).
The “Thank You Meat Festival” is centered on buyers from QTnet and Seino Shoji (Seino Holdings Group Company), and popular SHOWROOM livers will each sell their favorite meat products from among the best meat products collected from all over the country. This is an event that will be selected and introduced to viewers within the SHOWROOM application. We are also planning to launch a special program dedicated to the “Thanksgiving Meat Festival.”
[Summary of “Thanksgiving Meat Festival”]
[Image 1

When you purchase a product at Niku Niku Matsuri, you will receive a Liver original drink as a purchaser benefit. (3 patterns available for each liver)
For more information, click here [Background of the event]
Live commerce is rapidly expanding in China, and the possibility of a new distribution channel different from e-commerce is attracting attention in Japan as well. On the other hand, in Japan’s live commerce, Livers often handle everything from procuring products to packaging and shipping, making it difficult to concentrate on distribution.
SHOWROOM, QTnet, and Seino Holdings believe that in order to further develop the live commerce market, it is necessary to build a scheme that allows livers to concentrate on distribution, and as a
demonstration experiment, they held the live commerce event
“Thanksgiving Meat Festival”. It will be held.
Seino Holdings is focusing on developing live commerce fulfillment services by leveraging the last mile know-how and logistics
construction know-how that it has cultivated over the years, and will contribute to the further development of the market by providing this fulfillment service. .
[Image 2
[QTnet Co., Ltd.]
We have been operating a telecommunications business in Kyushu for over 35 years, and through “ICT” and “challenges that open up the future,” we aim to contribute to the creation of a society where everyone in the region can shine. Starting in 2022, we will take on the challenge of live commerce business demonstration. Led by our exclusive commerce driver, we are conducting live commerce business from Kyushu, including conducting live commerce for households nationwide from Kyushu’s largest food festival “FOOD EXPO KYUSHU” and implementing the “Commerce Driver Training Program” for corporations. We are pursuing infinite possibilities.
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