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Solective Co., Ltd. begins partnership with WeWork Japan

Solective Co., Ltd.
Solective Co., Ltd. begins partnership with WeWork Japan
Creating business opportunities for professionals through a
partnership with WeWork Japan, which operates flexible offices in seven cities nationwide
Solective Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Erika Iwai), which supports companies in resolving business issues and accelerating business growth, by introducing professionals carefully selected through independent screening, operates flexible offices. We are pleased to announce that we have begun a partnership with WeWork Japan LLC (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Johnny Yu, hereinafter referred to as “WeWork Japan”). As a result, registered freelancers on the fully vetted platform “Sollective” operated by Solective Co., Ltd. will be able to use “All Access Plus”, which allows them to use WeWork Japan’s common areas (coworking spaces) at more than 30 locations in seven cities nationwide. All Access Plus) plans are available at special prices. (※)
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Background: Providing a place to create diverse business opportunities for talented freelancers at “Sollective”
On the community-based platform Sollective, highly specialized professionals often interact and exchange information.
On the other hand, WeWork Japan operates flexible offices across the country, and its tenant companies range in size from start-ups to major corporations, and has achieved collaboration across industries. Like WeWork Japan, Sollective has worked with highly skilled freelancers to address business issues regardless of industry or company size. This time, the two companies’ ideas of “providing new value that fits the times” are aligned, and we will provide innovative ideas and solutions for both “people” and “places.” For more information on benefits, please check the webpage below.
*The discount rate is determined according to the registered freelancer’s “profile level” on the platform ( “Sollective”, a platform that connects professionals and companies [Image 2
WeWork Japan LLC Overview
WeWork Japan opened its first base in Japan in February 2018 in Tokyo. We offer flexible workspaces with spatial designs that enhance creativity and productivity, such as monthly contracts, scaling up or down from one person to several hundred people, and products that can be used across more than 30 domestic locations. We provide office solutions. In addition, WeWork, which has a wide variety of members from startups to large companies, local governments and NPOs, has formed a community that transcends industry and company boundaries, and has created many business collaborations.
“Change is created here.” WeWork Japan will continue to support diverse work styles in the new era and propose new office value that promotes innovation and collaboration.
All Access Plus developed by WeWork Japan LLC:
Solective Co., Ltd. Overview
Company name: Solective Co., Ltd. (English name: Sollective K.K.) Representative: Erika Iwai
Address: Liveport Shinagawa, W Building 2F, 1-8-15 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo Industry: Business services
Established: January 2020
Official website:
For corporations: Public relations inquiries:
More details about this release:

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