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Style Bread New gift set from Pan&! Give the gift of freshly baked bread for breakfast

style bread
New gift set from Pan&! Give the gift of freshly baked bread for breakfast Great as a Christmas present or souvenir for your loved ones ……
Pan& (Pand) official online store (, a frozen bread brand that allows you to enjoy freshly baked bread at home, will be selling “Recommended Pan & Gifts” and “Winter We will be selling “Premium Gifts”.
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Make breakfast time more delicious. Would you like to provide a relaxing moment? The key to choosing a gift, such as a Christmas present or a thank you gift, is to choose something tasteful within your budget, but surprisingly many people find it difficult to choose a gift. For such people, we recommend Pan& gifts. Why not give your family and friends some special bread that will make them look forward to waking up the next day? We recommend using it as a gift for your loved ones, family, and friends, or as a party menu at your home. Even on a busy morning, just having freshly baked bread will make you a little happier.
We have prepared two types: “Recommended Pan & Gift”, which we would like to recommend to those who are not yet familiar with Pan&, and “Winter Premium Gift”, which includes bread and pizza and is perfect for home parties.
【Product Summary】
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[Image 3d12525-129-e887bdd46dfa9dd421ae-2.jpg&s3=12525-129-d9fce0f87d8ebee0aa534ab26bbd1992-1080x810.jpg
Product name: Recommended Pan & Gift
Sales price: 4,380 yen (tax included)
URL: Features: A well-balanced assortment of croissants and danishes with an irresistible buttery aroma, and table rolls that are delicious on their own and easy to pair with dishes.
Set contents: 24 pieces of 5 types of bread
・Blissful Croissant (2 pieces) x 4 bags
・Croissant chocolate (2 pieces) x 2 bags
・Sugar Butter Raffle (2 pieces) x 2 bags
・Honey soy/honey soy milk bread (2 pieces) x 2 bags
・Walnut au lait (2 pieces) x 2 bags
[Image 4d12525-129-cf9f8b2fb7370a7134d7-3.jpg&s3=12525-129-4706a3606fd8f5e1bdc336fc923cf589-1080x810.jpg
[Image 5d12525-129-524310c6c3b87b07ac63-4.jpg&s3=12525-129-34b919d5b18d5ea9c4873c30ccb66fd0-1080x810.jpg
Product name: Winter premium gift
Sales price: 5,000 yen (tax included)
URL: Features: A luxurious lineup that includes four types of Pan&’s signature breads and two types of authentic Neapolitan-style pizza. Just warm it up in the toaster and you’ll have freshly baked bread and pizza. Please feel free to share and enjoy the fun and delicious food. Set contents: 16 pieces of 4 types of bread, 2 pieces of pizza of 2 types ・Honey soy/honey soy milk bread (2 pieces) x 2 bags
・Walnut au lait (2 pieces) x 2 bags
・Blissful Croissant (2 pieces) x 2 bags
・Melty salted butter bread (2 pieces) x 2 bags
・Kiryu Yeast Authentic Margherita x 1 bag
・Kiryu yeast Quattro Formaggi x 1 bag
About regular membership purchase “Selectable regular flights” “Selectable Regular Delivery” is a convenient and economical subscription service for freshly baked bread that delivers your favorite bread on a regular basis. You can freely choose the products to be delivered each time, and the delivery time can be changed at any time. We offer a number of special benefits exclusively for users of regular flights that you can choose from. In addition, some products are available for a limited time only, but you can also purchase them as a regular purchase.
What is “Pan&”?
The finest petit bread is made using carefully selected ingredients and traditional methods, and is flash-frozen in the best freshly baked condition. Bread that is freshly baked at the moment you eat it enriches your life.
The time when I open the package and bake fresh bread is strangely calming. We aim to create a special bread that will reward you by incorporating the feeling of “waiting” or “finishing” for just a few minutes into your life and regaining your own pace.
Official online store:
【Company Profile】
Company name: Style Bread Co., Ltd.
Established: May 2006
Representative: Representative Director Satoshi Tanaka
Business content: Manufacture and sale of bread
Style Bread Co., Ltd., which manufactures and sells Pan&, is a bakery that has been operating since the Taisho era in Kiryu City, Gunma Prefecture. When Satoshi Tanaka, the fourth-generation president of the company, went to America when he was a bakery chef, he was impressed by the deliciousness of frozen bread, and was impressed by the words, “Delicious bread tastes better because it’s frozen.” In 2006, we started selling frozen bread as Style Bread Co., Ltd. We use carefully selected ingredients, including our homemade “Kiryu Yeast,” and use a low-temperature, long-time aging process that takes two days from making the dough to baking.We carefully manufacture each piece of bread at our own factory in Kiryu City, Gunma Prefecture. Masu.
Style Bread’s high-quality frozen bread is used by more than 3,500 hotels and restaurants nationwide, and is supported by many chefs as professional bread. Based on Style Bread’s corporate philosophy of “Creating quality time through bread and creating spiritual luxury through bread,” we launched the consumer brand “Pan&” in March 2018. Because of our busy lives, we are proposing a new lifestyle with bread that is both high quality and convenient.
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