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Tachikawa Blind Industry Co., Ltd. “Tachikawa Blind Group Integrated Report 2023” released

Tachikawa Blind Industry Co., Ltd.
“Tachikawa Blind Group Integrated Report 2023” released
Disclosing sustainability information to improve corporate value and develop a sustainable society
Tachikawa Blind Industry Co., Ltd. (Head office: Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo, capital: 4.475 billion yen, President and CEO: Hisaya Ikezaki) “Tachikawa Blind Group Integrated Report 2023” was published on our website on Tuesday, November 21, 2023.
This report tells the story of value creation aimed at increasing corporate value over the medium to long term through the Tachikawa Blind Group’s businesses, products and services, as well as the medium-term management plan “Tachikawa Vision 2025 – Continuation and Evolution” and ESG We introduce sustainability initiatives aimed at resolving important issues related to (environment, society, and governance).
The Tachikawa Blind Group will continue to maintain one of its basic management policies, “Contributing to society by improving the living environment inside and outside of buildings,” as an important value, and will continue to support a wide range of stakeholders, including shareholders and investors. While valuing communication with everyone, we aim to achieve continuous growth and a sustainable global environment and society.
[Image 1d82111-46-be4464bb6d68bb18fa65-0.jpg&s3=82111-46-d6119618c1186534e741ef7eefe607f9-1000x707.jpg
“Tachikawa Blind Group Integrated Report 2023” Cover
■ “Tachikawa Blind Group Integrated Report 2023” ■ Tachikawa Blinds Website Corporate Information “Sustainability Initiatives”
■Main contents
1. What is Tachikawa Blind Group?
Introducing the Tachikawa Blind Group’s purpose, basic management policy, vision, cherished values, history of value creation, business overview, etc.
[Image 2d82111-46-3cded83a230f57cffe29-1.jpg&s3=82111-46-f5f0d407ee872238f580d1be15ee4fa9-1000x707.jpg
Tachikawa Blind Group’s purpose, management policy, and vision [Image 3d82111-46-7995ac5ab07a8566a1c4-2.jpg&s3=82111-46-b8af4d2312784de0c4e65b051634a841-1000x707.jpg
   The history of value creation
2. Value creation story
Including the message from the top, the value creation process, the basic sustainability policy, countermeasures and targets for solving materiality (important issues), etc. are included.
[Image 4d82111-46-9cd9999a6e64aaa4f0d4-3.jpg&s3=82111-46-1e93354944b736b917ffe5f09ba1fc3c-1000x707.jpg
top message
[Image 5d82111-46-7ef360c220465e66901b-4.jpg&s3=82111-46-eb3a0377425755e3d2c79fbea9257fec-1000x707.jpg
    Sustainable growth story
3. Strategy (medium-term management plan)
Explaining the strategy (medium-term management plan) until 2025 to achieve sustainability.
4. Sustainability (ESG) initiatives
Introducing our main initiatives for the environment, society, and governance. [Image 6d82111-46-6c2ee01c3ef3399f7829-5.jpg&s3=82111-46-5d6efaf4ac4c6a087226b69806079e0b-1000x707.jpg
Main initiatives for the environment
[Image 7d82111-46-4f0ee5320926b52d34bc-6.jpg&s3=82111-46-6dd7b1eb034b1d018431421a6b808ae4-1000x707.jpg
Main initiatives for society
5. Company data
Contains corporate governance structure, financial/non-financial data, company profile, etc.
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