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Taiheiyo Ferry Co., Ltd. On days marked with a 5, boarding fares are up to half price! Kitakami 5th Anniversar y “Go Go Plan”

Taiheiyo Ferry Co., Ltd.
On days marked with a 5, boarding fares are up to half price! Kitakami 5th Anniversary “Go Go Plan”
Furthermore, you can use a private room for 7,500 yen per person! ? In addition to the “Let’s all celebrate Kitakami” plan, there will also be presents of original goods that can only be obtained here and a fireworks display that will decorate the night sky.
Taiheiyo Ferry Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nakamura-ku, Nagoya City), which operates ferries between Nagoya, Sendai, and Tomakomai, is commemorating the 5th anniversary of the ferry “Kitakami” on January 25, 2024, on a cruise. More! “Getting closer to you” special discount campaign, more! We will be holding a special event that will be fun. Days with a 5 are a good deal! “Go Go Plan”
[Image 1

Original neck strap (image)
During the period from January 25th to February 29th (until supplies last), all passengers boarding a private room class (1st class, special class, suite type cabin) will receive an original
commemorative lanyard from Taiheiyo Ferry. !
If you put your room card key or meal ticket in it, you can carry it around without losing it when moving around the ship, making it very convenient.
We will give it to you with a special charm commemorating Kitakami’s 5th anniversary.
A number of events will spectacularly mark the start of the 5th anniversary campaign.
[Image 4 About “Kitakami”
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Pacific Ferry Kitakami
Our latest ferry launched in 2019. We have abolished the so-called small-sized sleeper class, which has been deeply rooted in the image of previous ferries, and offer a wide range of options, from the reasonably priced “C sleeper”, which is like a capsule hotel with consideration for privacy, to the luxurious special rooms that feel like a hotel. We have several grades available. The concept of the ferry is “SPACE TRAVEL”. Projection mapping is also carried out inside the ship, which is inspired by outer space, and we have devised ways to make travel time one of the pleasures of the journey.
Winner of the 2019 Large Passenger Ship category of the Ship of the Year award sponsored by the Japan Society of Naval Architects and Ocean Engineers, a public interest incorporated association that selects ships that are technically, artistically, and socially superior.
About Taiheiyo Ferry
Taiheiyo Ferry Co., Ltd. operates regular routes connecting Tomakomai, Sendai, and Nagoya, approximately 1,330 km, with three of the largest car ferries in Japan. This route boasts the longest distance for any ferry in Japan. It plays an important role as a public transportation system that safely, reliably, and comfortably transports customers, their cars, and cargo vehicles loaded with various goods such as agricultural products and industrial products. In particular, after the Great East Japan Earthquake, we have been fulfilling the social mission of maritime transport by transporting recovery-related cargo to the Tohoku region, where we operate. (Nagoya Railway Group) More details about this release:

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